Wednesday, July 9, 2014

~We all get together, under the same Sky, the day before My surgery~ [It was a GR8 Day] ENJ[]Y!

It was a Great Day, this was the day before my surgery. It was so wonderful that We were all together.... We will all be together again this coming Sunday, to celebrate Travis's birthday next, as You can tell [I don't know how to crop the photo's...... Even though I wanted  to share Emma's Birthday party with You! ~Emma turn 4~

[Lydia, Hannah, and Emma]

Sunshine [Rachael,Adam,Lydia, Hannah, and Emma]

~Rainbow [Jewels,and Copper]

[Dream weaver] My Mom, and Hannah

Lydia, Rachael ,Jewels, MeMom ,David, Angelina, Aunt Donna, and My Mom

[also known as] Lydia, Sunshine/aka Rachael ,Rainbow/aka Jewels,  Mothersky/ aka MeMom, Every Star in the sky/aka David, Moonshine/ aka Angelina, Earth/aka Aunt Donna, and Dream weaver/ aka My Mom........ 

David trail blazing

Lydia wanting more, mud pie pudding

[All three of My daughters~ Rachael, Jewelia, Angelina ] SISTERH[][]D 

My sister Donna ,and I......

~Me, with all Four of My Children [Rachael, Jewels, Angie, MeMom, and David~

Travis, My Angelina's son.

Emma, hugging Travis

[Copper with Jewelia]

~MeMom,with Jewelia, and Copper~

Hannah,Emma, and Lydia, in their car.
Bob,and Michael speaking of the ways of the World......

Jewels, MeMom, David, and Emma in the pool.

~MeMom helping Emma open gifts....
Michael [Tavis's Daddy], and Travis..... Travis's Just turned 3, We will be having his Birthday Party on Sunday.... Yay! X[]x

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