Wednesday, July 31, 2013


~I believe the human brain can only handle, acertain level of pain' before it tilt's like a pinball machine" I'm at the tilt level....

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

[ []VER ,and []UT ]

~BLUE RADI[]~Working on Station Jabip,but in the meantime Check theses GUYS []UT!


~[R[]SS R[]ADs "The reason why,I live my LIFE~
how will Y[]U make it, if Y[]U never ever TRY! [fortune cookie say "Y[]UR at the critical moment, Make that LAST PUSH"]

~If You were to ask me , "what kinda of day did I have" *Overboard - 1987 Movie Quotes ... It's a hell of a day at sea, sir! (full quote) ....
"Don't let the dayz of Y][UR life, pass Y[]U by. How will Y[]U make it If Y[]U, never even TRY!                                                                ~L[]ST in some olde MAZE~ GET up,and D[] S[]METHING!=Y[]U CAN M[]VE M[]UNTAINs, []NE B[]ULDER,[]NE ST[]NE at a Time.......
~Realy need to Publish~ TRANSFER!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

~running water~

~Everytime I looked over, through the night in my sickness, My L[]VE watches over me in sickness, and in health.....I am Grateful, like I said in 2week, sick or well~ We will have a live Google plus hang out :)[]
MY L[]VE, Y[]U ARE HERE, AND S[] AM I......
[X[]x]=[]UR BEE STING (photo)


Raven,and Helen are here, We just watched Avatar...Now we are going to make Fettacini Alfredo, yum....Feeling alittle better, the storms are realy bad, and the streets are flooded......Can't wait to feel better.Hope every one is well :)
~Then we wll watch eragon, can't eat after midnight= tomarrow is surgery@ 1:30pm X[]x

~This was my dream~

The Virgin and Child with St Anne and John the Baptist~Leonardo started work on a new painting. He drew a large "cartoon". (This means: a drawing that is a plan for the painting.) The cartoon showed the Virgin Mary sitting on the knee of her mother, St Anne. Mary holds the baby Jesus in her arms. Jesus stretches out his hands to his young cousin John the Baptist. Vasari says that everyone was so amazed by the beautiful drawing that "men and women, young and old" came in large groups to see it "as if they were attending a great festival".[9] The drawing is now in the National Gallery, London. Even though it is old and faded and is kept in a dark room, people go to the gallery to sit in front of it every day. Like many of Leonardo's projects, the painting was never done.'[]nly John the Baptist was not there~WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

What does it mean~waking from a seizure~ this will be deteled/waking from a altered state

What does it mean?~This P[]ST was started last night/ then I was swept into a seizur like state, and could'nt finish it~ had to crawl to bed....I could hear,all that was going on around me, but I was locked inside my mind, as my body trembled....I was safe to bed,and have the crazy vision, of saints I've never seen before. As I gently float over high buildings,and look down on to such beautiful lanscapes....[seized in my body/ saddly I missed Church today] so I"m down on myself about that, but oddly enough , When I'm in this state, most of the time "I hanging out with God" what does it mean....I was locked in my body for 12 hours.....But up close ,something I've never seen before [ It was baby Jesus , and set torward,and two woman, Where just behind him, reaching for him,in a caring angel pose.... The turned from flesh, to sculptures, then they, as they drifted from my sites.... They looked more like sculptures chizeled , into a wall white marble, or salt....Is there such a place" I wonder"
[LAST NIGHTS UN-finished post] Yes T[]DAY~ I was well enough to roam the EARTH,and found the perfect store to build Jabip Village.....A small town, there is a record store,a deli, coffee shoppe, and maybe someday Jabip, there is room for an art studio,and recording studio..... [AND a big parking lot in the back, if we choose to have a live concert]~ Hey a Girl, can dream..... Besides, I saw a wishing star, that has to pull some weight....Pre-paring for surgery on Monday, it was good to get out today....I saw this location, more than a year ago, before the accident....And it seems to be a perfect fit, for what we are going to become, one stone at a time. []ne day,at a time....It's like the feild of dreams, build it,and the will ~ well you get the point! I have my goal, set on this place~ I thank God, out loud for such a GR8 day, and I thank you for being on this Journey with me, I thank Y[]U=my neighbor, my Village X[]x I will dream,and prayer, on our un-coming adventures, can't wait to share all the details, with you [although it will take planning,faith,and team work.~ I will be bed riddin for a while, sick or not we are talking about having a live Google+ hang out [maybe Aug.the 6th 2013 = It' a Tues" I will touch base with Ronnie Brice,he can talk me through it~ Time to start living out loud,and set my fears aside~ And I need to come up with a way to raise money..Any idea's send them to []ff to dream land I go, until we meet again~ S[] start working on your one of a kind crafts, we will all join forces= A village of ARTIST.......And ST[]NE S[]UP!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

~Accentuate the Possiitive~

Have FAITH, or PANDEM[]NIUM's liable to walk upon the scence.

You've got to accentuate the positive Eliminate the negative And latch on to the affirmative Don't mess with Mister In-Between You've got to spread joy up to the maximum Bring gloom down to the minimum Have faith or pandemonium's Liable to walk upon the scene To illustrate my last remark Jonah in the whale, Noah in the ark What did they do just when everything looked so dark? (Man, they said "We'd better accentuate the positive") ("Eliminate the negative") ("And latch on to the affirmative") Don't mess with Mister In-Between (No!) Don't mess with Mister In-Between

Friday, July 26, 2013


I saw a fallen star,and made three wishes.....


~the SIXTH SENSE= []n Y[]U TUBE~

~Watching a M[]VIE, on Y[]U TUBE= Follow this clip to You Tube, there you will find the entire movie.




~3D ART~ [ENJOY X[]x]

~I may not understand the language,Yet [ART] is UNIVERSAL!



~Until we meet again,[]ff to a DREAM STATE~

~[]ff to a DREAM STATE~

~one seed, can grow a garden~

[personal strive] []NE ST[]NE at a TIME~ We all face challanges in our lives, they indeed make us who we are....I am blessed to be a M[]THER of four children. And Memom, to four grandbabies.....And extended Family,I am Sister, I am Daughter, I am an Aunt, I am your neighbor. I am, a Best Freind.....I am L[]VED, and I L[]VE......I am a child of God......I am the Village, You are the Village.... I am Thankful,every night when I close my eyes. " To have lived, and Loved". At each Church, I seek the message, and have learned in the last year....That in my becoming so fragile= I too, have a message.[I am a messenger] I live in a small city apartment, that I am so grateful for, I have alway's said if I ever won the lottery, I would buy an entire city,or at least a city block.....Wealth, IS NOT about money. It is about wisdom, and how you treat people.....When I was a child,I wanted to be an artist, and a Mother......And now, I want to build a Village.....[Tuesday night, I went to the Concert......And it just so happened I had my computer, and my two oldest Grand daughters.....Now this, was not my production. But I had ties, to all the GREAT EFFORT= of those behind the scence people, WHO MAKE IT MAGIC.....And, It was in God's House......But every being inside of me, wanted to show you[AKA/[via] live Google + hang out......Someday, I want to build Jabip, so I bring You there.......[Live] from our Studio, to where you are.....And maybe I can teach You, to L[]VE Y[]UR LIFE, AND SERVE Y[]UR P[]RP[]SE ],and from time to time= teach you to make stuffed cabbage. Or make ,a home made puppet theater, from a card board box. This week I'm making, a scroll from acient times. Tales of castles, and Dragon's (for my Grandson)........I use to write, and illistrate....I think, that' how I'll spend this D[]WN TIME~ And my bodies broke, I sure don't think I'm gone back to hair dressing, not the way I tremple.......And M[]THERING, is my favorite [ HAT ]! S[] this is where You'll find me, sewing on patches, and wishing on stars... Someway, somehow, we will build Jabip Village. []ne stone at a time, and we will make stone soup..... My Love, You are here,and so am I......[GlitterX[]x]

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Watching = THE HER[]

~ART of N[]ISE~

M[]MENT's in L[]VE

~Jethro Tull~ [L[]C[]M[]TIVE BREATH] "keep your [[]MP[]SURE"

In the shuffelin' madness, []F L[]C[]M[]TIVE BREATH. N[] way to slow down.........He feels the piston scraping.~[[]MP[]SURE~
~"[atches Angels, as they FALL".......
[let's "Call a TRU[E"]~put that sword down, and drop your gaurd.... Keep your C[]MP[]SURE. though they are making it hard.....

~Paint with all the~ [[]L[]Rs []F THE WIND!

[]~Sweet dreams, my village.....[]ff to state, where I can fly[X[]x]

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

~Alanis Morissette~[Thank You,frailty]

~THANK Y[]U, frailty. THANK Y[]U, consequence....... THANK Y[]U, thank Y[]U silence....THANK Y[]U, clarity......Thank Y[]U, THANK Y[]U silence~

~GR8 B[]ARD~

~with Jimmies X[]x

L[]VE~Making the best []F THINGS~(still)

~L[]VE with all your HEART, all your MIND.....All your S[]UL.....[Seek first the Kingdom , of Heaven], and everything will fall into it's place~
~BEE STINGS T[]GETHER, M[]PTZAR was stung (6) times, I (2),As you can see my face was very swollen......At CVS picking up,my meds~LIFE is not perfect,I lost entire week, pre-paring for surgery on M[]NDAY....BUT we make the best of things=

~STILL***What to build JABIP VILLAGE~[]ne ST[]NE at a time........
still (still) 1. adjective Without sound; quiet; silent.
Ba[k to the drawing board....
[PEA[E][Glitter X[]x]