Monday, July 15, 2013

~Transition~whispered word's of wisdom" Let it be"~

We are go through times ,when we are in [transition]. The key is to recognize it, for me since the last year. Because I have head trauma, have learned when to be still,and let the gears around me turn....I create ,what " I call a snow day in my world" For me it's the swell in my brain,for you it maybe peer preasure, or task you must complete, whith great comprehension [we all go through transition] *[ I suggest]*
~Your favorite movies,back to back. Your [not allowed to wear out, of the house/clothing gear],and do something,that clears your mind. I clean, and paint~ And those gears will turn, Sometimes life happens~the way it was ment to be~ We have just,let it....
[ Tonights movies were , Overboard, and Brining down the House,hehe...]X[]x

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