Thursday, October 24, 2013

~Call it a truce~

There are times in our lives,that we will call it a truce. "Yet never GIVE UP!"

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

~Between a rock, and a hard place~

After this procedure, I have'nt bounced back well.....I make little of it with my Family,and Loved ones....Same with the car accident, I made little of it. And it's become an endless nightmare. We are submitting my paper work, to the surgeon. As we will await approval, for mri with contrast....It will give them a better out look on how we will handle the situation~ sorry I am such a bummer, I've been greiving....The unknown is the hardest part, along with not feeling well.."I give it to God", because it realy has me down, and I made the mistake of [looking up on line, what a bubble at the base of your skull can be.[after a epidural] And how they repair it.... Big mistake! and they state they are looking for a mass, or infection~and I have been running a fever for over two weeks.GROWL :( Must go,I shall pray for You,a You pray for me= My Love to You All!~ "I hope I get another chance". X[]x

Sunday, October 20, 2013

~Red Ribbons~

~In her stages on painting,infinity in her hair~[Is Infinity]

......It turns out my computer is crashing. In way,it mimic's me~ I am crashing, still no MRI with contrast,and my pain level is a 9...So I hardly have any words, I miss You,and I hope You know You are L[]VE. Love Mother X[]x

Thursday, October 17, 2013

"I am blessed"

I need to make this a fast post, I having difficulties with my computer.....My health has taken a turn, I had the epidural,I had bad reaction. The pain ,and the swell sent me to the ER twice....So now I'm waiting for approval from the insurance company...On the x-ray [there is a an air bubble at the base of my skull....My family,has not let me be alone,I just want to go home and paint [because I am sad],and it is painful....So they want to do an MRI with contrat,and with out = to rule out[infection, or a mass]/I'VE HAD ENOUGH~ I tired of being stuck with needles....Next TOUR, they want me to do surgery~ Sorry I've been such a bummer....I will keep You posted[a best as I'm able], All I want to do is paint away this pain= I MISS YOU ALL...And I am humble, and THANK GOD OUT LOUD, for the beautiful Family "I am blessed" Thank You for being apart of my LIFE......
Sending much L[]VE to my VILLAGE....[X[]x]

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

~My wish for You,~I hope You dance :D~

Sometime's life is full of twists,and turns... And I'm so glad to be be twisting,and turning.....My life has taken many difficult turns lately. Yet I won't let go to life ~ each day I wake " i am just so grateful to be alive, this an event I take for granted.... I managed to get through the pnemonia, and satisfy the home inspection. Just in time ,on Monday Oct.7th I had injection~ it was my fourth, or fifth= I've lost count....So far it was my worst experence, my legs swelled. The steriod dispurst throgh my body, I did not have good reaction, my body is tired,another ER visit,and I'm staying with my Mom (being cared for)..... I have alot of half ways going on, I did manage to get my art to the factory...It is not displayed, but it is there... Now I'm to to comprehend how to load, my video's to disc. To allow , the looker on to see the painting " be born"....I only hope I'm well enough to go.....This part of the gallery is open to the public every second Saturday, of the Month. Last Month I was bed ridden, I pray I swell in my body subsides, because I tremble uncontrolable, and it effects my memory......"I am surrounded by Loved ones,only I don't for them to have to see me this way. " I've always prided myself on my strengh, I am weak,and at the mercy of others..........I have handed it over to God, and it will a turn out, the way it is ment to be......I wish You all well, and send PEACE,and Love to You...I will pray for You, as You pray for me.....I hope see You soon... And if I can find a way, And I make it to the gallery... I will do my best to include You..."Until then know You are Loved, You are not alone...My Love You, are here, and so am I... Glitter kisses, much Love X[]x ~Ihope we dance, together!