Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy EASTER World!

Sending Blessing's to You,and Your's...Let Go,Let God....HE HAS RISEN!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

David's Birthday Party!

21 yrs old! My Bump= was 9lbs.130z [Happy Birthday Baby!]

Double Infinity Dragonfly/video

=1YEAR/Thank You,Glitter kisses X[]x,watch her eyes

I am truley,learning to Give my Life to God!

I have come to learn with my anxiety,I tried to control matter's in Life....One of the most heard saying's in the program's I attend,IS LET GO,LET GOD! It turn's out what I thought was my strengh,was my weakness. I alway's try to be in control ,in most sittuation's.....My pain limit's me now,and I'm learning to BE! =IN my Village, I am now looked upond as the elder, it's a hat that suit's me well...I am Mom ,to my Children....Yet with giggle' and, smiles I am MeMom....And am Grateful to be....MeMom is famous in her Village for bananna pancakes,polishing nails,braiding hair, painting, dancing,sidewalk chalk,the best sand sculptures,and planting sunflower seed's,and of course kissess,and hug's....All the other stresses just don't matter, it will all work out. I'm learning to Give it to God...My babies don't care what I'm wearing, or if I'm famous= to them, it just matter's,that I here.....I Thank God,for letting me be here, I'm so glad to be here!X[]x

It's quiet in the village tonight,1 year for our blog=enjoy our video ( e ART h )

>.png" imageanchor="1" >Sending You ,L[]VE,and PEACE,and GLITTER Kisses X[]x

He is []UT tonight,For his 21st Birthday!

Lordy,Lordy! Lord hear my Prayer!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

We have a new addition,to our Village!

Lydia 5lbs 5oz...18 inches BEAUTITUL HEALTHY BABY! Sending L[]VE to Sunshine/aka Rachael,and Lydia.Mother,and Child are well,Live is GR8 in our Village..

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


They just took Sunshine/Racheal , for an emergenct c-section! Please Pray,for Rachael, and Lydia! Thank You! Lydia is born! 5lbs 5oz. 18 inches long,pink in color....Waiting to hear,how Mommy is!I am Thanking GOD OUT LOUD= Thank You!


One of my Super Hero's Favez!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's Quiet in the Village, enjoy our eARTh video= 1yr


Success! ~Rainbow (Raven)

All prayers for Bella <3 So today went well... Our school has agreed into letting us make a change about our zero tolerance bullying program. We have made a set day during lunch to make and design borders and posters to put up around the school. Also a buddy system is in progress. There will also be and assembly held about the bullying and ways it should be address if it is experience. I intend to make even more an effort to make even bigger change... As of right now I have 20 students on our side willing to make a drastic difference in the school about this problem. I hope to get many more. I have made an appointment to speak to the principal and super intendant tomorrow after school about the problem. I believe it must be addressed. I will not let this problem go until it is completely resolved. The note that Helen had written has been read by a teacher and also the guidance councilor and had made then realize the seriousness in the topic. The sad part about the situation is that the students, faculty, and staff had no idea about anything going on with Bella besides the fact that she has not been in school for over 2 weeks. They were shocked to know that Bella (such a happy child) would have thoughts about suicide running around in her head. That is why I believe a difference is entitled to happen. It sickens me that a problem can get so far that suicide and self harm is the only option. Also the fact that the children who did the bullying in the first place have no idea what their rudeness has brought into Bella and the negative outcome that it has made. Helen, Julia, and I are trying out best to make a difference. Please wish us luck and comment below at what you think. We need all the help and support we possibly could get on this topic. Help Stop the bullying. <3 ........ If you did not catch Helens note (was posted yesterday) I will post it below one more time.................................................................. "Dear anyone who will listen, Suicide is the third leading cause of death among pre teens and teenagers. A huge cause of suicide thoughts, attempts, and unfortunately success is bullying. 160,000 students stay home from school everyday because they are afraid to walk into their school building and face harassment. I've heard stories about kids commuting suicide, but I never thought someone I personally know would attempt it; unfortunately I was in correct. Absolutely nobody should be bullied into silence, like the announcements in the morning state. My question for you is why let it get that far? Why let bullying get so bad the victim wants to take their own life away and risk their only chance on this earth plane? I know somebody who was bullied into silence. She thought death was the only way out, that nobody would care. But, I would care and I do care. Though many individuals convince themselves that suicide is the easy way out, it's not. They don't think about the suffering it would put everyone around them through; How it would make their parents feel, having to burry their child six foot into the ground because of another child's transgressions. Regardless on how old a mothers child gets, they will always be their baby. I'm not comfortable taking steps through this school knowing that the she people who caused her into silence are walking through it without punishment, maybe even without guilt. Losing a loved one is one of the hardest emotional obstacles to overcome. So many events follow death. Mourning is one of them. It will never heal. Hearing that persons name will rip open the wound faster than the time it took to begin to heal. Though I may not be close to her as some people, it still hurts. I cried the second I heard about it, and as I wrote this. No parents deserves to watch their child go through these types of struggles, thinking they aren't good enough to stop it. And, they're right. They can't stop it. Not alone. As a part of the NJHS, as Mrs. Finegan will say, I am the cream of the crop. I have power. I will use my power to put a stop to this bullying. If our school was such a 0 tolerance for bullying school, this wouldn't have happened. I stand here today to say that I want to make a different so this school doesn't have one less student, this town doesn't have one less citizen, her family doesn't have one less family member, and so that a graveyard doesn't have one more casket dug into the ground. Bella is one of the sweetest girls I know, and she has the full potential to be what she sets her mind to. Don't be the person to knock her down. Build her up out of the hole she is in, and allow her to see the sun's rays shine bright on her beautiful face" We are trying our best to make a change... But trust me its not easy. We are the best of friends I cant imagine life without any of my friends..... I am so glad Bella was given another chance at life. Bella iif you are reading this... We love you <3 Thank you for the support, I appreciate it... Much love! <3 ~Rainbow (Raven)