Saturday, March 30, 2013

I am truley,learning to Give my Life to God!

I have come to learn with my anxiety,I tried to control matter's in Life....One of the most heard saying's in the program's I attend,IS LET GO,LET GOD! It turn's out what I thought was my strengh,was my weakness. I alway's try to be in control ,in most sittuation's.....My pain limit's me now,and I'm learning to BE! =IN my Village, I am now looked upond as the elder, it's a hat that suit's me well...I am Mom ,to my Children....Yet with giggle' and, smiles I am MeMom....And am Grateful to be....MeMom is famous in her Village for bananna pancakes,polishing nails,braiding hair, painting, dancing,sidewalk chalk,the best sand sculptures,and planting sunflower seed's,and of course kissess,and hug's....All the other stresses just don't matter, it will all work out. I'm learning to Give it to God...My babies don't care what I'm wearing, or if I'm famous= to them, it just matter's,that I here.....I Thank God,for letting me be here, I'm so glad to be here!X[]x

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