Saturday, March 23, 2013

One Green Leaf, by Alezia/enjoy the song X[]x

When I cry, that cry. I feel every feature in my face disform....As my face expresses a silent scream. Then my eye's burst,a river....As I feel my face,and chest swell, with the rush of heartache....My heart begins to beat,so fat with such speed. Like a bullet shot out,of the chamber of a gun..... Then breath becomes deep,and shallow. Like I am reaching up, from the bottom of my soul,as if I'm inside looking up....I feel my heart ripping,right out from beneath my rib....As this near silent howl, comes from the bottom of my soul. And I sob,like a baby left cold,and unheld....All at once my overwhelmed heart says, I GIVE! Take the rest of me,to have a heart hurts too much.Scabs of love scrapped,then even the old wounds of my heart feel,as through they a bleeding. Echo's through the broken hallowed chambers, of what use to be my heart.... As i try to hold onto breath,seeing through my glassy ,tear filled eye's. Numbness from face, to feet. This is my lesson,for loving..... The passage in my throat, is closing. Making it hard , to hold breath....My facial feature feel, like cured clay. A disfigured sculpture, to represent.( WHAT IS PAIN) My heart slows down,and skips a beat. An off beat rythem , Alway's skipping a beat, all broken hearts do eacho.THE CREATION< OF RYTHEM , AND BLUES........Yet I know, it still remain's to exist (my HEART) Because, it hurts, so bad.So I remind myself to keep living. And continue to breath, with patten.....I feel as hallow,as a dying tree. In the middle,of a green forrest. WITH OHE GREEN LEAF LEFT....BREATHE by ALEZIA

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