Monday, March 25, 2013


HATE's a PRISON,in []UR HEART's.....I was so caught up in,all emotional pain I was in...I indeed had myself in a prison of hate=and acted out in pain.....I hope God,give's enough time to make up,for all the harm , I have caused....Healing,is quite painful,but it's a healthy pain....I have caused alot of HEARTACHE,and have become so aware of my reckage...Not the detail's,like the people that L[]VE me SAW! But enough to mindful,and aware....It's as if all once,my eyes opened...And the door's I thought I was locked behind, were merely the walls I built around myself....The door's were wide open.....PTSD [such a tricky spell] L[]VE has set me FREE! N[]W on to Forviveness! I saw my reflection,and can finally =L[][]K at MYSELF, with[]UT L[][]KING AWAY!_______ I have WALKED through,the D[][]R....And am in the R[][]M's of which I BELONG!

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