Wednesday, December 31, 2014

~Wishing Worldwide Peace~

A new beginning, A NEW YEAR..... It is bond We all share World Wide,[ A first day]. We reflect on the years past, and all pray that this Year is better than the last. Let's All choose a better fate.= Choose Peace. Be kind, and loving. When we were children, We had no ideas of cruelty,nor were We of mean spirit. Make this first day count= choose LOVE, and PEACE to each other.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Im trying~

I have a small City apartment,so besides My art supplies ect. I am trying to un-clutter [My little home, to have the All the Children home for the Holidays..... I am also trying hand make My gift, I could sure use some help from Santa's  little helpers/ and a few prayers wouldn't hurt.....MRI tomorrow = I'm a little stressed........ And I can't find My ugly sweater....

Yeah! Craig Wayne Boyd

Baby gets a new pair of shoes!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Break Free~With Ariana Grande

It's Dr Phil time!

AKA/ My reality check

Father give Me Strenth [Oh My Sweet Jesus]~ Baring My Soul......

Baring My S[]UL= Just watched someone steal something from My porch, the person I use to be [ Would have chased him. the person I'm becoming says " let it go,it's just an object" Working on forgiveness......

Taylor John William ~The Voice is []n Tonight!

In mean time, I will be painting in My Christmas Workshop , a hopefully fix the camera.

For the Moment~ by Ronda Swindell


~ You're not Invisible~[ My Love You are here, and so I am ] Celebrate Your difference!

Push Your way through the cracks, reach for the sun= brings Your dreams to light~I had great dreams, I just consider them on hold...... But You are Young, and Strong~ Don't let being different sway You. Find Your strength, celebrate Your difference [Live out loud, bring Your art to life ] As for Me, My dreams will come to light in their time = right now I am celebrating the fact, My MRI for My back was approved....  Knowing You're there inspires Me. 

`Say something I'm giving up on You"

Saturday, December 13, 2014

24 Karat Gold~ Stevie Nicks


As always, God gives Me what I need.....Follow these ingredients to HAPPY!

As You know I've been going []n~ about how I will hand make all My Christmas presents. " Well yesterday I had My Grandson for much of the day, what a delight. The day, and night before that was spent at My Sister's~ as You know Scooter is terminally ill, with Cancer. [We are blessed to still have him, I try to be there as often as I am able for moral support for My Sister] The four or five days before that were spent with My Grand daughters.~And there We worked on a school project for Christmas.......     And tonight I was helping My Daughter build a DNA model, for her school project.... While making breaded chicken cutlets, and spaghetti with alfredo sauce. I still haven't made the wind chimes, mobiles or painted glasses yet~ but I will. Instead I was doing what I love to do [ feeling full with Love,and sharing my abilities . And being there for My Loved ones] My heart feels content~ As always God gives Me what I need, and I accept."See You soon. Until then follow these ingredients to HAPPY!     And always remember to Thank God []ut loud, Amen

Thursday, December 11, 2014

[I grieve] by Peter Gabriel

Happiness comes from within~ even at My age I am learning.When You have expectation of others chances are, You will be let down. We can fix ourselves,and be accountable for our actions....  No matter how much You L[]VE someone~their L[]VE for You may not measure up.[To how, You would liked to be Loved, and considered]~ The best thing You can do is turn into the things in Your life, that bring You joy. You are the designer of Your destiny, Your life is what You create. Find Your center, and work Your way out of Your hardship~ You exposed Your heart to~ .Allow Yourself to become one with earth We get one life, live it well. And may You find Love, a healthy Love where there is no question in Your heart. Where Your soul, and mind are in agreement~Where You feel welcome,where You belong   [You can't take someone else s word for how You feel, If they can't hear You ~then maybe they never will.... The message is You need to hear Yourself "Saying I grieve " And I am the designer of My destiny, and My life is what I create". I deserve to be Loved.......

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The []ld Rugged Cross~Craig Wayne Boyd

Pride comes in many forms~ Yet I tweeted to Craig Wayne Boyd  the other night= about revealing his soul, and his Love for the Lord. As He revealed in his performance~ Amen  

Imprints/aka sixth sense

I'm in a quiet place.Visiting a relatives home, there are times I'm haunted~ It's crazy to admit, but It's been this way since I was a child....[]nly the activity has become louder since My accident , then even louder after My surgery [Some say a sixth sense]~ I call them imprints= It varies with My location ~here it seems to be an Indian burial ground , sacred ground.....[]ne of visions, of waters, and the floods. Where waters end, the fires begin. Hell, or high water. Makes Me wonder=May I advise to make the right choices,and be aware of Your imprint guides [they may just lead You on the right path]  LIFE Righteous....

Monday, December 1, 2014

In the prescence of the L[]RD~Craig Wayne Boyd

L[]VE THE V[]ICE~Craig Wayne Boyd~

Sing Daddy sing, Baby needs anew pair of shoes.....

~Trust Your moral compass~

[]ur moral compass is there, Your inner soul. Deep inside We all know right from wrong.. We have to learn to trust our instincts ~If. You can lay Your head  down each night, and feel good within Your being~You've done well My child.~    We may never know the reasons of the hardship We go through, only that We learn from them. And We become stronger, even after We are wounded [they say in G[]D's time, We will know] I know have My challenges,and L[]VE and PEACE= allow Me to take a breath. Sometimes life is like being caught up in the ocean, so when a wave brings You to surface breathe, and when waters take hold of you again kick to the surface [ Your Journey is not over we sometimes get in over our heads= keep treading, never surrender~ Call on G[]D, and trust Your moral compass..... See You in My dreams....

Monday, November 10, 2014

~Bend little WILL[]W~ I know there are People like Me in theW[]RLD= Y[]U ARE N[]T AL[]NE X[]

Nobody warns Y[]U, Willow hold on tight......[Counting My Blessings] ~Today I had cognitive therapy,it is challenging .However it is helping Me accept, that word permanent = is settling in [TBI] traumatic brain injury / I'm trying to embrace , and I'm having a Birthday soon....... Who I was, is gone. Who I am, is a learning process. A W[]RLD of discovery, setting up my Christmas work shop= realized, I need a better camera.  So I can make videos to show You, and follow up photo's/ And begin to dream,and create again= Here's an old video ~My Birthday is Wednesday, I declare this My New Beginning. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

[Taken the Good with the bad]= All PRAYERS Welcome, We believe in the power of PRAYER! Thanking G[]D []UT L[]UD!

First the good news~ Lydia  [My Grandbaby] who was per-mature is walking, Yeah!
The bad news, Scooters cancer has now affected his liver,:C very sad, We thank God ~He is still here with us! He is My sister's Baby= All PRAYERS WELCOME!~ Thanking G[]D []UTL[]UD!