Wednesday, December 25, 2013


The name Mothersky came along when my children were small. Say it was their first day of school. I would reassure them, I am with them where ever they go. ~ I would say I am in Your heart and soul....And when You feel fear, or distant, place Your hand on Your heart feel it's beat, and know we're not apart. And look to the Sky, the Sky is always there for You to always see. For when You look at the Sky~and know Your with Me, AND KNOW YOUR LOVED!........ " I Love You bigger than the Sky, higher than the mountain, and deeper than the sea" You are my Sunshine, my Moonshine, My every Star in the sky. My Rain,and my Rainbow.~And I am further blessed to say it to my Grand baby's . Sending You glitter X[]x

Friday, December 6, 2013

L[][]KING F[]R L[]VE [remember when]

Moptzar,and Mothersky remember when that dragonfly,landed in your hand,and died....Taking it's last breath, and surrendered.....I surrender the element's were just to much [remember when] I surrender,I saw my reflection~

I'll be seeing You~limited,and humble~

I am still here, I still exist! Good new's saw the surgeon, they what to put a plate in my neck [to support my spine/and put little round joints, in between the disc's] can't wait= I WANT LIFE BACK,had bad reaction to last epidurial/ Thank God we are done with that.....Now I am awaiting ,the insurance company's approval= then it's go time..... MY Computer DIED, I died a little too....I really miss talking to You all =Some how it kept me sane, well as sane as I can be....Now we wait! I have'nt give up []UR dream = We will be together again,In our place[I call Jabip, and will have live hang-out's= I'll be seeing You, Love Mother X[]xSending You,Glitter kisses****

Sunday, November 17, 2013

~Dance ,Dragonfly. Dance ~

~Raise Awareness This is to help raise awareness about Project You are Not Alone! Please visit their website :) · L[]VE's Y[]U.....YOU ARE NOT ALONE,ANYMORE!It's been brought to my attention (BULLY's).....We as adult ,see all the sign's...The Youth's in ,and around my life,are amazing student/then there's the bully=THEY ARE MORE THAN A DISTRACTION/INFACT [they altar the lives of many] So don't turn,and look away...GET INVOLVED/make sure that child is safe/call the police if you have to: but don't stand by and DO NOTHING! The suicide rate among teen's,is so overwhelming,that we cannot just stand by =Step PREVENT TEEN SUICIDESend your art to,and I will be posting your ART work this weekend.....Sendin Y[]U L[]VE,and PEACE..JarOfHearts_Jewelia&Alezia_M&D

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Dance like no ones watching, sing like know ones listenig. And live each day, as if it were Your last......

~Spending my Birthday with my Mother= Thanks Mom, for give me life! She showed me this video,and I wanted to share it with You. I found it to be so inspiring= Well done Dragon! Much Glitter

Monday, November 11, 2013


~My Sister took me to see the play,[]nce for my 50th Birthday~Just Beautiful[X[]x]


This painting is called Strength,for God has given me the strength to paint "with trembling hands"~By Grace of God my computer worked today. So I thank God outloud,for the strength I have,and for the LOVE that makes me strong! From my Loved ones,and have been blesed to walk this Earth for Fifty years,And have been blessed with four Children,and four Grand children.
It's my 50th Birthday....I think,I want to learn to play the cello/ok maybe the voilin"it's smaller" :D

~I Thank You all for the Strength, until we meet again "Know You are Loved, My Love You are here,and so am I! [X[]x]

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

~Between a rock, and a hard place~

After this procedure, I have'nt bounced back well.....I make little of it with my Family,and Loved ones....Same with the car accident, I made little of it. And it's become an endless nightmare. We are submitting my paper work, to the surgeon. As we will await approval, for mri with contrast....It will give them a better out look on how we will handle the situation~ sorry I am such a bummer, I've been greiving....The unknown is the hardest part, along with not feeling well.."I give it to God", because it realy has me down, and I made the mistake of [looking up on line, what a bubble at the base of your skull can be.[after a epidural] And how they repair it.... Big mistake! and they state they are looking for a mass, or infection~and I have been running a fever for over two weeks.GROWL :( Must go,I shall pray for You,a You pray for me= My Love to You All!~ "I hope I get another chance". X[]x

Sunday, October 20, 2013

~Red Ribbons~

~In her stages on painting,infinity in her hair~[Is Infinity]

......It turns out my computer is crashing. In way,it mimic's me~ I am crashing, still no MRI with contrast,and my pain level is a 9...So I hardly have any words, I miss You,and I hope You know You are L[]VE. Love Mother X[]x

Thursday, October 17, 2013

"I am blessed"

I need to make this a fast post, I having difficulties with my computer.....My health has taken a turn, I had the epidural,I had bad reaction. The pain ,and the swell sent me to the ER twice....So now I'm waiting for approval from the insurance company...On the x-ray [there is a an air bubble at the base of my skull....My family,has not let me be alone,I just want to go home and paint [because I am sad],and it is painful....So they want to do an MRI with contrat,and with out = to rule out[infection, or a mass]/I'VE HAD ENOUGH~ I tired of being stuck with needles....Next TOUR, they want me to do surgery~ Sorry I've been such a bummer....I will keep You posted[a best as I'm able], All I want to do is paint away this pain= I MISS YOU ALL...And I am humble, and THANK GOD OUT LOUD, for the beautiful Family "I am blessed" Thank You for being apart of my LIFE......
Sending much L[]VE to my VILLAGE....[X[]x]

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

~My wish for You,~I hope You dance :D~

Sometime's life is full of twists,and turns... And I'm so glad to be be twisting,and turning.....My life has taken many difficult turns lately. Yet I won't let go to life ~ each day I wake " i am just so grateful to be alive, this an event I take for granted.... I managed to get through the pnemonia, and satisfy the home inspection. Just in time ,on Monday Oct.7th I had injection~ it was my fourth, or fifth= I've lost count....So far it was my worst experence, my legs swelled. The steriod dispurst throgh my body, I did not have good reaction, my body is tired,another ER visit,and I'm staying with my Mom (being cared for)..... I have alot of half ways going on, I did manage to get my art to the factory...It is not displayed, but it is there... Now I'm to to comprehend how to load, my video's to disc. To allow , the looker on to see the painting " be born"....I only hope I'm well enough to go.....This part of the gallery is open to the public every second Saturday, of the Month. Last Month I was bed ridden, I pray I swell in my body subsides, because I tremble uncontrolable, and it effects my memory......"I am surrounded by Loved ones,only I don't for them to have to see me this way. " I've always prided myself on my strengh, I am weak,and at the mercy of others..........I have handed it over to God, and it will a turn out, the way it is ment to be......I wish You all well, and send PEACE,and Love to You...I will pray for You, as You pray for me.....I hope see You soon... And if I can find a way, And I make it to the gallery... I will do my best to include You..."Until then know You are Loved, You are not alone...My Love You, are here, and so am I... Glitter kisses, much Love X[]x ~Ihope we dance, together!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

~Change is always difficult~

So many changes, I realy miss having internet.....It was my peace to be able to turn to You,and talk.....I miss You! Hope we talk soon <3

Monday, September 9, 2013

~Sarah Bernhardt Quote~

~Your words are my food, Your breath my wine. You are everything to me~

~I would go to the ends of earth, to make You feel My L[]VE.......~Love Mother X[]x [using a free wireless/PS.The signal,is not strong enough to open my g-mail. You may have to leave comment's here.... God Bless

Friday, September 6, 2013


Bedridden~ No cable, phone,or internet= if it is'nt one thing it's another~still hanging on ! Good thing I'm smart girl!= This shall pass, I miss You all!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

~Nevermind~" Y[]UR T[]RTURING ME"

~[]MG~ We have a common saying around here, only You have to say it [with that Philly, Jersey, New York TWANG] "Y[]UR T[]RTURING ME" ........ Y[]U, have been put through the wringer with me / this makes Y[]U FAMILY~Y[]U heard of candy land, well welcome to CRAZY LAND= And I am Your T[]UR GUIDE= S[] at the advise of my Loved ones, They say CALL = make sure/ So I CALL, the inspectors office/ yeah []MG~ MY APP[]I[]NTMENT, is next WEDNESDAY, Sept the 4th~ Thanking G[]D []UT L[]UD! = Y[]UR DEALING with a crazy woman here....FEAR`makes me talk out loud, when I should just be quiet! [See/ I have another WEEK!~ I've just been T[]RTUING Y[]U= Let me make You, some some cinnimon rolls, and sweet tea= to make it up to Y[]U =L[]L/Laughing out loud!~NEVERMIND~

Monday, August 26, 2013


~You the expression "what doe'nt kill you, makes you stronger".....It get tiring being strong, yet it is part of our survival skills. And when we need too "we can do anything, we set our mind too.~" I posted a note, on my bathroom mirror, and may sound silly= but it works.[Your life depend's on it] I must complete ,these tasks because, my life does depend on it....And I know, a good part of it is fear. Yet, I've been homeless before. And depending on others, is not one of my strongest features...... So it is fear, that drives me right now... Passing inspection, can be the difference/ as they say a deal braker....Completed another wall of painting, one stone at a time.... And all the while in my solace, I know in the end= my indepdence is crumbling before my eyes....This body can't make the climb, the way it once did.....I'm being swept away, perhaps dimensia will take me first, I always said " in my madness I will be painting= in glitter gown. It only hangs in my closet, and never see's light".[No doubt I'll be wearing one shoe......Seem's I can never find the other] I believe their is a hint of madness in us all....Can't wait till this is over.= There orchastra going on inside my head,crazy our most brillant works [comes to us, when there' hardly time for it]= those dreams, songs, painting, and novels will just have to wait....Doodles I call them, like this piece below. Just a doodle, I can do so much better....I just need more time=W[]MAN"I pray for more time, this isn't how it suppose to end..... I've become "my own ghost."

~A thousand miles~ [Vanessa Carlton]

Normally this kinda of task, would not be so much of a strain= theses days if I brush my hair, it's a task. Learning to eccept these thing's I cannot change......Well I've turned the curve, on the room.~ Making Progress,one corner at a time.~
~[]ne thing I've reccognize is my children, have been so eccepting. And I have been the one in the dark, like other people that knew me before= keep expecting the person I was, to appear..... I now know better, what You see is what You get.~Take it, or leave it....I can't get out of my own way= I aid to my family "it's like waking up from a coma, or a bad dream....Only it's permanent,and that's []K, i have well ronded people in my CIRCLE, and they L[]VE ME [NO MATTER WHAT] see ya soon, My Village [X[]x]
~" A Beautiful Morning "~[ the Rascals]

Sunday, August 25, 2013

~ my Ugly shoe syndrome~

You would be proud, I sorted through the clothes, and things I have been saving for the store [and rid of them]~You know that little lie we tell ourselves "I'll have a yard sale" []k= my neighbors, asked are you moving, did someone die. I felt like saying me, well It feels like it when I look at all my pretty high heels, and they have'nt left the house is more than a year now."I'M JUST SAYING" makes me kinda of moody... [But you know I did'nt get rid of them, heck they look pretty just sitting there]~FOR NOW, I've been waering , what call my ugly shoes.... So anyway I had talked to my Doctor, and procedure is canceled.=I'm running a low grade fever, but wait I coughed while we're talking ~He say's " You need to reschedule. I say "it's just alleregies. He says "coughing,or sneezing are FROWNED UPOND, during an epidirail,on your spine....[]k, so realy, he had to make me think that can happen....So lately it's been BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION= that I walk around,and talk out loud to myelf....My Daughter says this to me, I'm so use to being around the babies, I do I talk out loud. And at the grocery store, I talk to everyone...I just do~And if you ate dinner with me,I would probly attempt to cut up, your food. So I've been taking this anti-depressant, that seems to make me chatty, and I've been having nightmares. Vivid ones, well enough about me. I must get back, to sorting= I'm celerating TRASH NIGHT! Thank for being there,you know if you ever need to talk= write me @t /we'll talk soon.....Love Mother

~Reality check~[Pennies from Heaven]

~In my case it was my GrandMom, we called her Nanny, she is in Heaven. Every where I step, I've finding pennies. My Daughter sent me, this photo weeks ago. I use to have a store called " pennies from heaven"....And through time, as I've said ~ I want open a store again/ aka Jabip Village.... My Duaghter came to visit me the other day, and if you don't Know= my Landlord, and the township are inspecting my apartment....Tues, or Wednesday [ I wrote it down somewhere].....My point is I've been saving racks, folding chairs " with the mind set of build it , and they will come". Well my Daughter said the most honest thing to me " Mom it look's like your a hoarder", so need less to say/thank God it's my trash night~[ I realy must let these things G[]! ] They are only taking up space, sometimes the truth hurts....But my opening a store, in my present condition~ is un-realistic...... So out the door it goes, not to mention, I have a fever, and have lost the rest of my mind.... I'm sure to make some scrapper, quite happy.... Letting it go, reality check.....[God will help me, when the time is right]

Saturday, August 24, 2013

~feel like=LIQUID MERCURY rising~

~I will be in my little corner of , my W[]RLD~

~In trying to accomplish,these tasks set before me. My PTSD is coming out full swing.... My body, is hardly capeable of what's expected of me.....I will not be posting on Google +. the next couple of days. I can feel the change in me, I will suclude myself, to my blog.... See you after this surge passes......It' like being a wolf, with a full moon.....[this kind of pain, changes me]~

~Rush Hour on Encore~@t 4:05

[CHECK []UT]=Jacie Chan, and Chris Tucker in Rush hour[comedy], gonna get some funny on while I finish painting my sitting room....[ENJOY]

~Jimi Hendrix~ [purple haze]

~APPRECATI[]N~ I have great apprecation, for LIFE! Every day when I wake, although my body screams with pain. And trembles so much, it's hard to hit these key's to write. I've become so grateful, just to sit up, an set my feet to floor. You know that feeling, when you've just flown on an airplane. And your flown, through a thunder storm in the sky....That feeling you get, when you land, you almost want to run down, and kiss the ground. That surge of, thankiing God your alive.... That's how I feel....So excuse me , while I kiss the sky![X[]x]
~Make someone you L[]VE pancakes today.....In my family, I'm famous for my bananna pancakes,in color of the rainbow. And a side of green eggs, and ham. Make sweet a memory today, be sure to let your loved one, know they are loved.....Be the best You, you can be. Fairy tales can come true, and start with! Love Mother [X[]x]