Tuesday, August 27, 2013

~Nevermind~" Y[]UR T[]RTURING ME"

~[]MG~ We have a common saying around here, only You have to say it [with that Philly, Jersey, New York TWANG] "Y[]UR T[]RTURING ME" ........ Y[]U, have been put through the wringer with me / this makes Y[]U FAMILY~Y[]U heard of candy land, well welcome to CRAZY LAND= And I am Your T[]UR GUIDE= S[] at the advise of my Loved ones, They say CALL = make sure/ So I CALL, the inspectors office/ yeah []MG~ MY APP[]I[]NTMENT, is next WEDNESDAY, Sept the 4th~ Thanking G[]D []UT L[]UD! = Y[]UR DEALING with a crazy woman here....FEAR`makes me talk out loud, when I should just be quiet! [See/ I have another WEEK!~ I've just been T[]RTUING Y[]U= Let me make You, some some cinnimon rolls, and sweet tea= to make it up to Y[]U =L[]L/Laughing out loud!~NEVERMIND~

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