Wednesday, August 7, 2013

~Lady MaDonna [by the Beatles]

I had great day out yesterday, I came in late....Sleep was a blurr, I went from an active day of constant people to [waking up alone]. It's an unusal sensation, I'm still not use to it, I'm use to children at my feet [in my bed,wrapped around my head]...... I guess they call it empty nest syndrome....Mind you I raised great children who grew into great adults, with children,and families of there own.....Now Rainbow is not of age, she is 14. And lives with had Dad, Aunt,and GrandMom.... And that charge came about, a couple of years back. When I packed us up to move to Cocoa Beach, Baby girl(and my Son) did'nt want to go.....They changed there mind, the very night my Dad was on his way with the truck..... I had to go, by that time we gave up our residence, and dispursed all our belongings..... It was house three doors down from the beach, and had to keep my word to my Father....So I went became involved with the Church (Club Zion) paint 2 50x50 paintings.......And helped my Daddy sell the house. In order to move back to Jeresy.~Even with it's disappointment, it was agreat experience.....So I'm home, on Jersey gounds= to be with my babies [I do miss having coffe at beach with the pelicans....But I would'nt trade the sounds of my laughter,and Joy for any amount of money in the world...... I get to being their Mother=and MeMom......I guess that makes me a Jersy Girl~ besides my Sister missed me!(And Scootie bootie)=Me, and Scoot playin "I don't know how to fix the red eye" So will keep on with my dreams, and pray my body heals. I may not always understand God's plan, but I'm rolling with it. And being pysicalally disabled has open my eyes [like I said I've become a song bird, who every day wakes with such joy to be alive. It just a period of adjustment/ this shall pass= and we will build Jabip Village(someday)......Until we meet again, all my Love Mother X[]x

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