Thursday, August 22, 2013

~Roger Hodgson [give alittle bit]~[L[]VE is a thousand times stronger]

My Love, You are here, and I am here. And I don't feel so all alone~Well~ I'm up on my feet again, and have mountains to move. We are all like flower, frail. Yet given the chance~ We will grow, like I said I have so much to complete before I close my eyes Sunday night. My procedure is scheduled Monday, and the inspection, on my apartment is Tuesday, or Wednesday [determined on how I feel] ~And as I mentioned , I was pulling out my closet to sort out, what fits, and my now suits my life style...Oh , and I know this weird , but I marked at the base of my skull, where the nerves are pinched....So I can better explain to the doctor~And my Baby Sister is taking me, I must say lately " I feel helpless, it's not a fimilar feeling to me. I'm use to taking care, of everyone else [But I'm sure God is trying to teach me something, about myself. And I must be paitent, and learn. I am putty in his hands, so I must= "I say give alittle bit"
~And when your crazy, and you were'nt this crazy before= You know the difference~ I pray God, still alows me to grow my dreams, but for now I have mountains to move...."be back soon" It's nice to know Your there, it's nice to know you care8 Thank You :) [X[]x]~God isn't finished with me YET!
`A special Thanks to freinds at Google +, for the photo's... And You tube, for allowing me "to express myself with song'

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