Thursday, February 28, 2013

Getting my house, in order....

The only way, I know how <3

Getting my house in order.......

OK,so maybe it's,not canvas...Or going to be a video,it's better (it's my powder room) rented,but mine FORNOW! Somewhere in this process,it seem's in order for ME,to collect my sanity=I NEED TO PAINT.....Everyone say's "get your house in order first......THAT IS THE WAY,"I GET MY HOUSE IN ORDER" I calm's my soul,so I will ,with help of GOD,Get my house in order,the only way (I KNOW HOW!) Thank You,to my Freind,that lent me the camera.....The tool's are here,now I am here= I AM PRESENT,and can can be accounted for. I may not ever be the person I was, but the person I am becoming,IT's GONNA BE OK,it's gonna be better than OK......Note to me Loved one's,I LOVE YOU BIGGER THAN,THE SKY! I have save myself,the only way I know how,so I can be there when YOU, need me! And I will be there,can't wait to be,just recognize, I am here now,and as hard as it is....Without your L[]VE, I find it hard to breath,I will be hear painting, Love Mothersky X[]x Mother of the Sun,the Moon,every Star in the sky. Who dances ,and sing's with Rainbow....I miss,my Monkey's...... [POWDER ROOM]

TRY IT! [ IT WORK's] X[]x


I began to work on this mirror exercise every day,I can feel the growth.....I use to see this reflection=It's a great theraphy,and for a while I realized....And recognized,with the support of Family,and Freind's=That is NOT what they see,althought this go round....I'm so glad,to have come back,and I'm so glad,that some loves me enough,and will help me through this,and not let go......I have abandonment issues (ptsd),and pain this my trigger......My Sister, reminded me on the person I was,the Mother, the Memom.....My freind's are GR8=(the say put the stick down, stop beating your self) My memory is different,and I have NOT painted=my handwriting's different (they say,I'm just scared)...And they, are right ,sometimes,the unknow is frightening=SO I GIVE IT TO GOD!The presusure is every want's me who I use to be.....I CAN ONLY BE ,WHO I AM NOW! And try to be ,what God want's me to be......Who know's maybe, I will turn out to be a better Mother,a better Person...I ONLY KNOW that,NOW WHEN I LOOK IN THE MIRROR,I SAY" THERE YOU ARE"......I'm be mad at myself,but I can look at myself today.....LMAO=Be glad you not my neighbor,cause I heal myself with song,among my very favorites....I am singing this one to heal,so I put up the word's ..TRY IT,IT WORK's,All My Love Alezia/aka Mothersky X[]x


What does goosfraba mean? Answer: " Goosfraba is something Eskimos say to their children to calm them down." This is a qoute from the movie Anger Management.......


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm trying!Never going back,again!

I've fallen....To thine own self, be true!

[I have today,I woke,and the sun is shinning] I admit my wrong's,I've disappointed You,and Myself....[isolation is not the answer,I understand your upset with me,but still need to know= You LOVE ME,(I MISS MY MONKEY's) I can only try again,I have a support system of strong WOMEN![2]TO: "My Creator, I am now willing that you should have all of me,good,and bad, I pray that you now remove from me every defect of character which stands in the way of my usefulness to you, and my fellows=[family]. Grant me the strengh, as I go out from here, to do your bidding. Amen"

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Just breathe,and keep stepping!

In Reality .the climb is not all that high....Yet when you've only taken 34 steps,and looking up, I still have alot of step's,to go....One day at a time,one step at a time.....Everything is so much prettier,at this height.......Just beathe,and keep stepping ! X[]x

I hope you find it.....

Every storm runs out, rain = and there will be a Rainbow........

Every storm runs of of rain, QUESTION is= who is standing beside you,when your looking on to the RAINBOW,the person who stuck out the storm,that's who........Stubborn people will end up, alone! And just maybe , they like that way..... I CHOOSE LOVE, LOVE MOTHER (X[]x)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Written by Dragonfly Helen X[]x

Being emotionally numb is one of the hardest obsticles to over come. Not only does it take over your mind, and your will to care and feel, and takes over your life. You no longer have the desire to participate activities that you once learned to love. It could happen to anyone, anything. As my first time blogging, I will tell you this. Do not go through life judging someone, or let other people judge you. It can really do damage to the heart and the mind. Words hurt more than people think they do. Negative comments or conversations is equivalent to being hurt physically by someone you care about, or even a complete stranger. I've had my fair share of being emotionally numb. Between a family death, bad relationships, and lost friendships, I became a very upset peron. I lost interest in everything. The only thing that kept me sane was music. It's one of the things that still keeps me going today. With the help of people around me, and my strength, I crawled out of the dark hole that I was in and saw the light again. Negative comments towards someone who is lonely and depressed can knock them down back into the darkness and capture the light from them. Any ounce of hope counts. I'm not the only person who goes through this. Everyone all around the world does. Just a tip; if you see someone in the store, or walking on the streets; if they look upset, smile at them. It could make their day brighter, and make them one step closer out of the hole they are burried in. Stop yourself from giving another person a dirty look, or a critisized comment/conversation. Not a single soul knows what that person is going through or feeling besides that person. No matter how hard another individual tries, they will never know how someone else feels inside. Some hide their sadness with a smile, some don't have the strength to. Don't walk through life acting like you're perfect and have the right to judge someone else. It's like judging a book by its cover and not opening it up to read the words on the line. Every chapter of someone's story starts a new person, but sometimes you need to close the book for good. Written by Helen <3

Bullying... (Rainbow)

Hey guys... Quick story. I am constantly hearing about the bad in the world. But when it involoves someone I know and care very much about it really hits home. My friend (Not naming names) was recently into a fist fight at his high school. This occurence really made him frustrated when the man approched him talking bad about his mother who recently died in a car accident along with his older brother and older sister. The boy was saying things like why did he have to always be so depressing. My friend started throwing punches and got into a big brawl. Both of them are fine with only minor injuries to the other kid. But the moral of the story is dont judge people about something that you dont know the whole truth about. My friend was very upet that night, he was suspened for two weeks, but still manages to keep his head up high. God bless him. Dont judge people... because if you were to walk in their shoes Im almost positive youd fall the first step. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder <3 This is not what it is only baby scars... I need your love like a boy needs his mothers side... (Second and Sebring- Of Mice and Men)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

TRAIN=Drops of Jupiter /Back from my S[]UL VACATI[]N

Now that I'm back from the atmosphere,with drop's of Jupiter in my hair...Time to change, since my return on the moon....Heaven's not ready, it too soon "I have'nt served my purpose.....And I missed You so,[3o]days=Back from my soul vacatio,finding my way back home,and learning how to let some of this baggage GO! I THANK GOD![OUT LOUD]