Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mothersky,and Moptzar singing........Happy Valentines Day

Our L[]VE is something we give to another,what they do with is their choice....Some people mean F[]REVER,and other's mean F[]R N[]W! As long,as your heart,has the stregnth to recover=There is someone for everyone......That person,who offer's Y[]U (fornow) most likely mean's,just for now.....BECAUSE,THAT IS ALL THEY are capable []F= FORGIVE ,and WALK []N! It is better,to be without someone Y[]U L[]VE,than to be with someone/ who does'nt L[]VE Y[]U,THE WAY YOU DESERVE TO BE LOVED! It's a Holiday for L[]VER's ,and a heartche /for those that haved L[]VED.....So keep Y[]URSELF BUSY,and know you somebody may be around the next corner.......So hold the door for someone today,and []PEN YOUR HEART,and the D[][]R to Y[]U=Let someone IN! Mothersky,and Moptzar singing....... AND NEW SHOES X[]x

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