Thursday, February 28, 2013


I began to work on this mirror exercise every day,I can feel the growth.....I use to see this reflection=It's a great theraphy,and for a while I realized....And recognized,with the support of Family,and Freind's=That is NOT what they see,althought this go round....I'm so glad,to have come back,and I'm so glad,that some loves me enough,and will help me through this,and not let go......I have abandonment issues (ptsd),and pain this my trigger......My Sister, reminded me on the person I was,the Mother, the Memom.....My freind's are GR8=(the say put the stick down, stop beating your self) My memory is different,and I have NOT painted=my handwriting's different (they say,I'm just scared)...And they, are right ,sometimes,the unknow is frightening=SO I GIVE IT TO GOD!The presusure is every want's me who I use to be.....I CAN ONLY BE ,WHO I AM NOW! And try to be ,what God want's me to be......Who know's maybe, I will turn out to be a better Mother,a better Person...I ONLY KNOW that,NOW WHEN I LOOK IN THE MIRROR,I SAY" THERE YOU ARE"......I'm be mad at myself,but I can look at myself today.....LMAO=Be glad you not my neighbor,cause I heal myself with song,among my very favorites....I am singing this one to heal,so I put up the word's ..TRY IT,IT WORK's,All My Love Alezia/aka Mothersky X[]x

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