Sunday, February 3, 2013

Everlast[17]Lenny/ Nickelback

To My Family ,and Friend,we have been through alot together....You need to understand,I am trying to be the best me (RIGHT NOW) I can be,either support me,by taking my hand= to tell me you LOVE ME.....But this physical pain, I'm in is real.......(HONSTLEY)The man that struck us,was having a siezure,as they say = . petal to the metal*******I spared you all,of the accident scene,seeing me on the stetcher,so maybe as a Mother,by trying spare you.....(NOW) All of you look on to me,as you roll your eye's to say" she's complaining again" Due to pain, I starting drinking [THIS BAD BEHAVIOR,IS SO FAR AWAY FROM ANYTHING,ANYONE THOUGHT=I WOULD EVER BECOME]......I ask FORGIVENESS, and ask if YOU can't be kind,please stay out of circle for awhile.....[Because,my emoinal well being is fragile RIGHT NOW] Because my body is in physical,pain and I was bit by a spider,and moving and painting,and unpacking=is alot work for one person.....Either take the other END,or step back (AND PUT DOWN THE STICK) Cause now your just beating, the dead horse:[17] day's I've been sober! Thank's be to GOD!

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