Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I opened my HEART,and found PEACE! I FEEL at PEACE! I heard word's come out of my mouth,the trues word's I ever spoke......As a child,my father/Dad was a visitor in my life...So as a child,I attached to GOD= as my Father! Then year's back, in finding my birth father/ I did'nt realize until now! That I claimed my birth father,as my father of EARTH...And pushed/ MY FATHER (GOD) aside,[never denided him as my LORD,and SAVIOR] Yet I did'nt pray to him,as I once did/and wondered why (all these terrible thing's were happening to me.....It took for another person,who prayed with me,and as I spoke,about my realationship,with GOD.....FOR ME RECOGNIZE,that when my birth Father had spepped back into my life. And it was if I,did'nt call my GOD,the way I once did....I PRAY MY GOD,MY FATHER,will forgive me....And after we prayed, I feel at PEACE! It's as if the WORLD, was QUIET <3

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