Wednesday, December 25, 2013


The name Mothersky came along when my children were small. Say it was their first day of school. I would reassure them, I am with them where ever they go. ~ I would say I am in Your heart and soul....And when You feel fear, or distant, place Your hand on Your heart feel it's beat, and know we're not apart. And look to the Sky, the Sky is always there for You to always see. For when You look at the Sky~and know Your with Me, AND KNOW YOUR LOVED!........ " I Love You bigger than the Sky, higher than the mountain, and deeper than the sea" You are my Sunshine, my Moonshine, My every Star in the sky. My Rain,and my Rainbow.~And I am further blessed to say it to my Grand baby's . Sending You glitter X[]x

Friday, December 6, 2013

L[][]KING F[]R L[]VE [remember when]

Moptzar,and Mothersky remember when that dragonfly,landed in your hand,and died....Taking it's last breath, and surrendered.....I surrender the element's were just to much [remember when] I surrender,I saw my reflection~

I'll be seeing You~limited,and humble~

I am still here, I still exist! Good new's saw the surgeon, they what to put a plate in my neck [to support my spine/and put little round joints, in between the disc's] can't wait= I WANT LIFE BACK,had bad reaction to last epidurial/ Thank God we are done with that.....Now I am awaiting ,the insurance company's approval= then it's go time..... MY Computer DIED, I died a little too....I really miss talking to You all =Some how it kept me sane, well as sane as I can be....Now we wait! I have'nt give up []UR dream = We will be together again,In our place[I call Jabip, and will have live hang-out's= I'll be seeing You, Love Mother X[]xSending You,Glitter kisses****