Friday, December 6, 2013

I'll be seeing You~limited,and humble~

I am still here, I still exist! Good new's saw the surgeon, they what to put a plate in my neck [to support my spine/and put little round joints, in between the disc's] can't wait= I WANT LIFE BACK,had bad reaction to last epidurial/ Thank God we are done with that.....Now I am awaiting ,the insurance company's approval= then it's go time..... MY Computer DIED, I died a little too....I really miss talking to You all =Some how it kept me sane, well as sane as I can be....Now we wait! I have'nt give up []UR dream = We will be together again,In our place[I call Jabip, and will have live hang-out's= I'll be seeing You, Love Mother X[]xSending You,Glitter kisses****

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