Sunday, November 17, 2013

~Dance ,Dragonfly. Dance ~

~Raise Awareness This is to help raise awareness about Project You are Not Alone! Please visit their website :) · L[]VE's Y[]U.....YOU ARE NOT ALONE,ANYMORE!It's been brought to my attention (BULLY's).....We as adult ,see all the sign's...The Youth's in ,and around my life,are amazing student/then there's the bully=THEY ARE MORE THAN A DISTRACTION/INFACT [they altar the lives of many] So don't turn,and look away...GET INVOLVED/make sure that child is safe/call the police if you have to: but don't stand by and DO NOTHING! The suicide rate among teen's,is so overwhelming,that we cannot just stand by =Step PREVENT TEEN SUICIDESend your art to,and I will be posting your ART work this weekend.....Sendin Y[]U L[]VE,and PEACE..JarOfHearts_Jewelia&Alezia_M&D

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