Sunday, June 30, 2013

~black,and white~

The last couple of days,I could not download to the blog,unsure if it is weather related....Non-stop storms :)~I've been having streak of bad luck, the port on my cell phone does'nt i'm without a cell photo,which limits my down loads.....And being this physically limited,I CAN'T WORK TO BRING IN fUNDS,to better my surroundings....However my abblitties keep it it black,and white...I have been able to produce my home made gifts with L[]VE,I thank God out loud! This too shall pass,and every day I move one stone at a time,to move that mountain....Still have dreams to build Jabip Village,and some day we will all gather! My Love, You are here,So am I ,You are not alone....I have a surgery in my way,getting myself whole, but I know I need to create a village/store front,where I can live above....And consign different artists works,jewelery,all one of a kind treasures.....In an envirorment where artist canexpress,and serve my purpose.And have live google hang outs [I WON'T GIVE UP!] []anything you can donate would be GR8!tap this link ��SYT6GJ6P97C"> [but for now I call it a truce]
,and dabling ,in poetry=

Glitter Kisses Xxo WATCH HER EYE'S Thank You,from the bottom of my HEART <3 Glitter kisses Xxo,Love Mother ~ MANY SHADE's OF GREY If silence is golden,why is the deaf man sad. If absence makes the heart grow fonder,how will I know that your my F A T H E R. If MOTHER NATURE rules the WORLD, why do the children H U N G E R. If JESUS is to walk the EARTH, who's gotta rule the T H U N D E R. Should I walk the land, or sail the S E A. THERE's A VOICE INSIDE OF ME, TELLING ME TO FLY, Just go and TOUCH, the S K Y. GRAB YOUR DREAMS,AND RUN. GO AND TOUCH THE S U N. Is it Black, or White.Is it wrong,or right. IS THIS FIGHT,OR FLIGHT,Many shades of G R E Y.. So do I go, or do I S T A Y..... Many shades of GREY If silence is golden, why is the deaf man SAD. If absence makes the heart grow fonder,how will I know that your my F A T H E R. If Mother nature rules the World,why do the children H U N G E R. If JESUS is to walk thee EARTH,who's gonna rule the T H U N D E R .Many shades of GREY,so tell me who's to SAY... There's a voice inside of me,TELLING ME TO FLY, JUST GO AND TOUCH THE SKY, GRAB YOUR DREAMS,AND RUN, GO AND TOUCH THE SUN! ALEZIA/aka/MotherSkyDragonfly Glitter kisses xxo

Thursday, June 27, 2013

~Roger Hodgson= give a little bit~

~[]ne stone, at a time.....Every day,You have the entire day,to set out a course. Of what you,You wanted to grow up to be....It does'nt need to be perfect.
~Progress, not perfection~

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm repeating this,because it is storming here!

~Serendipity Singers~ rain come down.....I have my candles ready. the lights are flickering :(
That's one way, to keep your ducks in a row.....To keep them, from running willy nilly.....
People take waking up in the morning for granite. After thinking long and hard, I realized life is a blessing. Every time somebody rests their delicate head down on a soft pillow and shuts their eyes, their body begins to slow down. Most humans don't think about this before resting. I'll admit that I don't either. During the hours or minutes leading to sleep, no one promises you tomorrow. A decent handful of people complain about life, or anything in general. What they don't realize is that they have a life. Many individuals vent about how un happy they are, when there is always at least one reason to be happy in everyone's life. When you think about it, there is somebody out fighting cancer. There's somebody out there on life support in a coma, and their friends and family are worried they'll never wake up again. But you, you're sitting here, healthy, reading this, but you complain you're un happy. True happiness doesn't come from outside, it comes from within. If you realize all the small things in life, like how beautiful flowers are when they blossom, or how beautiful a rainbow is after a storm, you'll know true beauty, appreciate it, and find happiness. Don't let other people rain on your day, because rain doesn't last forever, and there's a rainbow in the end. Make every second count, and really live your life, because you only have one chance. With love, Helen Marie~

~Teach someone Tuesday~

Teach someone today,we all have knowledge. Maybe for You it's a recipe,you need to hand down through your family.....Perhaps a lesson ,in the arts [you can show some one].....Teach today, teach kindness,and Love, teach understanding....Share your gifts= I know for me every day I wake up,it is a gift....I am truley consider the neck surgery, So I want to teach my children every thing I know. I Hope you DO TOO!
Rainbow/aka Raven, and Helenof Honor,will be here, hopefully they will blog...X

Sunday, June 23, 2013

~Young at Heart~

Fairy tales do come true,it can happen to You. When Your young at heart..../Puppet theater

Saturday, June 22, 2013

~thinking out side,the box~

MeMom is doing it []LD SCH[][]L~ Super Hero, Emma's birthday is coming up....So what does kid play the most=a box....Took a big box,and I'm making a puppet theater~

Friday, June 21, 2013


/You may also find me on Google+,and twitter =Dragonflyalezia X[]x

~We rise again~

~Every day I wake, I so happy to be alive......I am Thankful for this priceless opportunity called life. My mind,and body are fragile,yet my Heart, and Soul is so alive.... We rise again,and wake up to Rainbow. And know I am alive~L[]VE~

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


~IMAGINE~your dream

~CREATE~your happiness

~LIVE~your life

~Rainbow Graduated with Honors~

My Baby Girl,Graduatated with Honors,We are so Proud...."She is such an individual, You just can't miss her, Shine, Rainbow, Shine!"
[Rainbow handed me the rose while playing ,Wind beanth my wings.........I cryed, joyful tears]

Tickets were limited, Sunshine took me. And,if You look close enough "you can see Lydia,in the papoose"....

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

~Rainbow event~

Rainbow/aka Raven Graduates from 8th Grade tonight,I am so proud....She is in the Honor Society,and doing 11th grade algebra...I taught all my children,education is wealth...I love You, Jewels,Sending Love to Helen,and Bella too!
Jewelia is a namesake,after John Lennon' Mom X[]x= and this will alway be one of the GR8 times Jewel, and I had pianting a million little circles, she painted the people (with such detail,with love) I LOVE YOU ,Chic,chic X[]x

~This is my Village~

~And I don't want to miss a thing X[]x~