Saturday, June 15, 2013

~The White knight is talking backwards, and Queen has lost her head....

So ,I went to the doctor's the other day....You know one of those like neuroligist like visits....They get you bending,this way, then ,that way...They say "can you do this,can you do that".... they hit You that knee thing, make you relive the accident verbally. There words to a stranger,yet a horor to me. I bent every way I was told that day, personally I thing there a 2nd day evavuation,because although I did everything asked of me " I could'nt get out of bed the next day" what the hell! I feel, like an armadillo....I all curled up in a ball.....And what about my brain, well I looked into it ,and turns out the tavel agent said "she cant book me trip to OZ".....So now what,"what the hell,what do you mean ,there is NO Wizard".I was told by a rabbit,and girl name Alice, to go go see the Wizard....Instead, they said " I may have to go see a surgent...Well, that does'nt sound like much fun, so if you see me I'll be wearing my red rudy slippers,and looking for that dam mad hatter,he stole my hat.....Maybe I'll go ask Alice.....Wooops there I go again, I rolled up like armadillo, alittle help here," I'm stuck in a ball".What the hell!

~Feeling the madness = I'll be here X[]x

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