Tuesday, June 25, 2013

People take waking up in the morning for granite. After thinking long and hard, I realized life is a blessing. Every time somebody rests their delicate head down on a soft pillow and shuts their eyes, their body begins to slow down. Most humans don't think about this before resting. I'll admit that I don't either. During the hours or minutes leading to sleep, no one promises you tomorrow. A decent handful of people complain about life, or anything in general. What they don't realize is that they have a life. Many individuals vent about how un happy they are, when there is always at least one reason to be happy in everyone's life. When you think about it, there is somebody out fighting cancer. There's somebody out there on life support in a coma, and their friends and family are worried they'll never wake up again. But you, you're sitting here, healthy, reading this, but you complain you're un happy. True happiness doesn't come from outside, it comes from within. If you realize all the small things in life, like how beautiful flowers are when they blossom, or how beautiful a rainbow is after a storm, you'll know true beauty, appreciate it, and find happiness. Don't let other people rain on your day, because rain doesn't last forever, and there's a rainbow in the end. Make every second count, and really live your life, because you only have one chance. With love, Helen Marie~

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