Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ellie Goulding [Lights]

Senging L[]VE to ELLIE, for a GR8 SONG!I am staying over my Loves House,did'nt plan on staying....Sorting through alot of my belonging's in his garage,all the thing's of my past, it is indeed a test. As I pick,and choose what I take home,and what I deem tainted....For those who don't know,I moved to Florida,a couple of years ago....And then moved back,so my belongings are scattered like debris.....So it is wonderful when I find my beautiful things......And some things I kept for when I open the store.....Even though my accident,is a life altering event. It has has changed me in so many ways, it has given me a different perspective. It has made me realize there are so many people like me,that are just shut in away from society [yet have so much to offer] talented paople,so when I open Jabip Village,then if people have to mail in their hand made items.....To sell in our store,all one of a kind works, I hope God gives me the strengh to follow out this plan. On consignment of course,and I hope to have live Google+ hang outs, to showcase talented people [God be willing] I hope You continue this JOURNEY with me,and maybe if there is some thing you make= this will encourge you to do so..... I long for the day when we have the store,and You can either come in, in person or come by google+ hang out.......So begin your task and, stop hiding your light under a bushel.....sending L[]ve to the Village X[]x We still have much time,I need to go to cognitive therapy,have another epidural,and there is talk of a surgery, BUT I WON't GIVE UP,and neither should you.....[SHINE YOUR LIGHT] I've learned it is not selfish,to put self first......~L[]VE M[]THERSKY X[]x, now get busy!

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