Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Yesterday was the baby shower,I will have photo's of that soon~ Then later that night Michael ,and I walked down to the river....And drew from the inspiration,when we came back to my tree house, I recovered an old tape..... I was a instrmental he wrote,quite awhile back,that I added lyric to..[I call it when] well we are going to work on it,and put it up over the next couple of weeks....And as we sat, singing to his guitar,and we recalled another song [we wrote together] and it made me realize,although I don't have the store yet.....But in a couple of weeks, after alittle practice "We will do a live google + hang out" I will keep you posted..... ~I decided to be BRAVE, GOD only lends us these days= I perfer to live them []UTL[]UD "with you, My L[]VE, Y[]U are HERE, so am I , Y[]U are NOT AL[]NE=ANYM[]RE".

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