Friday, June 14, 2013

~Rock Star [ FRIDAY] Gitter babie X[]x,Love MeMom :)

All that we ARE,is ingrained in our Children, Sunshine called last night to tell me about an outfit she painted......Because it's Rock star Friday,at SUPER HERO HANNAH's School....With side kick, Super Hero Sissy Emma.....R[]CK []N little DRAG[]NFLY!
"I'm laughing out loud,with pure happiness,and smig of greif". Beacause I don't know how to turn the photos around [head trama]...The great part is, it reminds me of the Mother ,I was to my children....I would stay up all night sewing costumes....It's a pure L[]VE C[][]KIE,with glass of homemade SWEET LEMONAIDE :)= R[]CK []SUNSHINE,Someday we will open Jabip,GR8 inspiration/ NOW DANCE!

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