Thursday, May 31, 2012

Going to Decorate the Bridge,and Paint.....Today is the Bridging Ceremony, My SUPER HERO HANNAH GRACE is a Daisy(shout out to the Daisy,and the Brownies (YOU GO GIRLS)YEAH


GOOD DAY to my friends,you know when your cleaning through thing's and you come acrossed a old friends phone number........And you say to your self,well we have'nt spoke in a while....Pick up the phone and call them,reconnect..And if God be willing go see them,Take them a plant,or plant some seed in a vase.So they can see them bloom. For it is better to give them flower ,when there here, then when their not...My Love,I am here, and so are YOU......SENDING YOU FLOWERS ,AND GLITTER KISSESxxo (NOW GO CALL YOUR FREIND, OR THAT FAMILY MEMBER,YOU LOST TOUCH WITH)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

( eARTh) a work of ART,for our children...(PEACE)



The other day I was telling you about my Grand daughter,who's birthday is coming up...She will be 2yrs old.PARENTS BE AWARE there is a virus going about!!!! Emma was fine one minute, then struck with high fever,almost hit 104.Thank GOD,her big sissy was there...Superhero HANNAH GRACE 5yrs old,she went out to the kitchen,and told Mommy and Daddy,sissy is acting weird.She had 4 seizures,she took ride in took ambulance. EMMA seems fine now.And HANNAH GRACE is our SUPER HERO .We will watch them close all very close (as you watch yours),and I brought back terrible memories for my children(THAT WILL BE ANOTHER BLOG, I'M A CAT, ON IT's NINTH LIFE) I will pray for you,as you pray for me...All my LOVEx

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION a piece of wood,with a large grain well ( I see it as a work of art,a work in progress) And like this wood ,we all have flaws (badges,and scars THAT MAKE US WHO WE ARE) My Love, You are here ,and so am I.......PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION,glitter kisses LOVE MOTHERX
Sorry for my vacancy/I've been with my granddaughter's Hannnah and Emma Mae... Emma had four seizures (please Pray for Her) she will be 2yrr old this June...THANK YOU

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Double Infinity Dragonfly/ Glitter kissesxxo

THIS IS FOR ALL WOMAN OF THE WORLD/WE ARE THE SYMBOL OF LOVE,Extra glitter kisses for putting up with me I don't know how to work this LOL//PROGESS NOT PERFECTION XXo.................PS go further down on my Blog ,YOU WILL SEE THE VIDEO WOMAN TY

Friday, May 11, 2012

Some people have a hard time with holiday's ,I am here,you can Comment here or E-mail, HAPPY MOTHER's DAY WEEKEND,glitter kissesxxo
Fires of Hell by Alezia Copertino I was down in the fire of hell nearly surrendered My soul just as well smelt the flesh of all the lost souls so many shades of black and grey coals burning red and then turning gold nearly submitted for sins I've committed the amber's so damned bright had to close my eyes tight heard a voice say you're not here alone about to give in, I looked up in the distance your eyes recognized mine a connection no words could describe and they whispered I know the way home so I lifted my head with pride and my wings spread and my soul rised above cause for once I recognized love I was broken and weak battered and beat yes it's true that my will was restrained but you knew of my pain and you knew I was half, not whole still you looked and you saved my soul I was covered in blood and flames and my wings are tattered and frayed but you looked and your eyes recognized mine I'm entwined by your love and endure so I take a deep breath and I soar rise above all this pain and despair can't describe my relief when I saw that Your wings were burnt too tattered and frayed just not new could it be you were in hell just like me? only you couldn't leave without me we're attached by our souls I'm the half to your whole cause for once I recognized love and your eyes whispered I know the way home we embraced and gently I kissed your face and we were set free of this hell you and me, two halves make a whole and now I know my way home.
BE KIND,to eachother(my little dragonfly) AND REMEMBER.SUNDAY IS MOTHER's DAY glitter kissesXXo
It has been brought to my attention, that once, you put a poem/song on your blog (It also proves it to be personal copyright...ANY way,I just want a home,ect.... MANY SHADE's OF GREY If silence is golden,why is the deaf man sad. If absence makes the heart grow fonder,how will I know that your my F A T H E R. If MOTHER NATURE rules the WORLD, why do the children H U N G E R. If JESUS is to walk the EARTH, who's gotta rule the T H U N D E R. Should I walk the land, or sail the S E A. THERE's A VOICE INSIDE OF ME, TELLING ME TO FLY, Just go and TOUCH, the S K Y. GRAB YOUR DREAMS,AND RUN. GO AND TOUCH THE S U N. Is it Black, or White.Is it wrong,or right. IS THIS FIGHT,OR FLIGHT,Many shades of G R E Y.. So do I go, or do I S T A Y..... Many shades of GREY If silence is golden, why is the deaf man SAD. If absence makes the heart grow fonder,how will I know that your my F A T H E R. If Mother nature rules the World,why do the children H U N G E R. If JESUS is to walk thee EARTH,who's gonna rule the T H U N D E R .Many shades of GREY,so tell me who's to SAY... There's a voice inside of me,TELLING ME TO FLY, JUST GO AND TOUCH THE SKY, GRAB YOUR DREAMS,AND RUN, GO AND TOUCH THE SUN! ALEZIA/aka/MotherSkyDragonfly Glitter kisses xxo

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

LOVE YOURSELF,and stop in sometime,glitter kissesxxo
You know how we go along through life, and reflect,and recall all the material THINGS we collected ,in a life time....And we lie to ourselves,about HOW WE HAD IT ALL..Take me/ I had my own busiiness,a morgage that was in my name,only owed 58 thousand,had a number of vehicles in just my name,4 great kids ,oh yeah and money..DO YOU KNOW, SOMEONE WOULD dam near kill you for the shoes, on your feet,,WELL they WILL TRY....MY POINT/ things are just that/they are things..LOVE is what matters,,,would the people that keep company with you still be there,if you did'nt still have your things...WELL IF THE anwser is NO/Are you content///OUR LIVES ARE SHORT/start to fix your inner self.without Joy in your heart and soul,WHAT GOOD ARE ALL THOSE THINGs.WELL shelter, is great,,have a great journey today in the world around you ,if they complemt your wardrobe, thats great,,,BUT would'nt you rather ,hear something nice ,about yourself.....So be childlike go buy youself some crayons,and paper.maybe buy 2 give one to someone you love,and remember what you wanted to be when you were a CHILD,SIT IN THE QUITE AND DRAW,IT TAKES 21 DAYS TO MAKE a HABIT/THEREFORE IT TAKES 21 DAY TO BREAK IT ..LOVE YOURSELF again starting TODAY,ALL MY LOVE,glitter kissesxxxxxxxxo

Monday, May 7, 2012

PTSD/Good People go through BAD THINGs,some times unmentionable thing, MY POINT IS/ Don't judge a book by it's COVER/LOVE EACHOTHER PLEASE,kissesXxxo
yes/ it's fixed

Saturday, May 5, 2012

AGAIN/HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO/What a cool night it's gonna be, set your party out side @7:33 to watch THE SUN/and the MOON,dance,listen quietly to hear, the STARs LAUGH...Let, there be a RAINBOW too! Mothersky Dragonfly,send glitter kisses to you XXO
Mucho Grandae! WELL ... so I don't spell spanish well. Sister Sky has informed me that the MOON is putting on a light SHOW TONIGHT. Sometimes, we may not be beside the people we love,(just as long as you loved them enough that THEY know they are LOVED is what matters . THE MOON./TONIGHT INVITE THE PERSON YOU LOVE to look to the SKY TONIGHT.......WE ARE ALL UNDER THE SAME MOON, now LOVE, and I will be thinking of YOUxxo.
HAPPY Cinco De Mayo xxo/ You can now see our painting come to LIFE on videofyme/and at You tube /Kisses Around the Worldxxo /soon, Eath Painting will be up/you will get to see my little dragonflies

Friday, May 4, 2012

TODAY,another great day of LIFE,as all my little dragonflies flutter with me,We smile like the sunflower,smiles @t the SUN.The way. the moon lillies follow the MOON,WE ARE ONE xxo

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Good Morning WORLD, my Earth day painting is on it's way to the web,in a few more day's .We are putting down the tracks to the music...Our own painting,with our own music...WHAT A GREAT FREEDOM..In fact that is what it is, the freedom to express. I KNOW THERE IS ALOT OF TALENT,in this WORLD..COME ON DRAGONFLIES,fly spread your wing seize this day to begin your JOURNEY,of ART,and self discovery...Today set out in the world,and leave it better than you found it,picking up one piece of trash it can make a difference,be kind to,man kind,and pull you weight in your village.YOUNG help the elder's. AND elder's share your wisdom, and wealth with the young..WE can change the wold one kind gesture at a time,all my Love,NOW GO MAKE MOTHER PROUD, glitter kisses Xxo
WOW/way cool know if you go to my BLOGspot/you can read it in any Langauge/WAY COOL/what a world ,we live in ,glitter kisses

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I hope to encourage all those little talented Dragonflies, that have lost there way,KNOW THIS, we can move mountains ,and the walls around you won't seem so high...If you just let your imagination, help you to fly.kissesxxo NOW FLY,show Mother what you can do....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Be weird, and WONDERFUL

Open your EYE's to all the ART.and MUSIC around you,Simply walking down a sidewalk, there is percussion from your feet..And the wind is singing to you, to remind you, of the journey (you may have forgotten ) So follow your heart, follow your feet, and let your SOUL shine,and be creative, NOW GO BE,WHO YOU WERE BORN TO BE,LOVE MOTHERSKY Xxo I give you, my BLESSING.... To be weird, and WONDERFUL....