Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You know how we go along through life, and reflect,and recall all the material THINGS we collected ,in a life time....And we lie to ourselves,about HOW WE HAD IT ALL..Take me/ I had my own busiiness,a morgage that was in my name,only owed 58 thousand,had a number of vehicles in just my name,4 great kids ,oh yeah and money..DO YOU KNOW, SOMEONE WOULD dam near kill you for the shoes, on your feet,,WELL they WILL TRY....MY POINT/ things are just that/they are things..LOVE is what matters,,,would the people that keep company with you still be there,if you did'nt still have your things...WELL IF THE anwser is NO/Are you content///OUR LIVES ARE SHORT/start to fix your inner self.without Joy in your heart and soul,WHAT GOOD ARE ALL THOSE THINGs.WELL shelter, is great,,have a great journey today in the world around you ,if they complemt your wardrobe, thats great,,,BUT would'nt you rather ,hear something nice ,about yourself.....So be childlike go buy youself some crayons,and paper.maybe buy 2 give one to someone you love,and remember what you wanted to be when you were a CHILD,SIT IN THE QUITE AND DRAW,IT TAKES 21 DAYS TO MAKE a HABIT/THEREFORE IT TAKES 21 DAY TO BREAK IT ..LOVE YOURSELF again starting TODAY,ALL MY LOVE,glitter kissesxxxxxxxxo

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