Wednesday, May 16, 2012

 VILLAGE It take's a village to raise a child,if there are time's you may feel sad.Say your at the market,don't be so consumed of your self, there are so many Elders.THAT the village just looks pass,see's right throught them.That may had been your teacher ,from long ago...ONE KIND GESTURE, may make someone's day:)..And change your life, we are children at one time,and we never stop learning.I am so blessed, I have a grandbaby,under my feet. And yesterday we sat under a weeping willow tree,and he pick a butter cup,and we saw a butterfly,and a dragonfly.BEAUTIFUL ,because I saw it through his eye's,and it was grand.And there are day's when  I get to visit with my elder friends,to lend a helping hand,and TO them I am a child.SO I SAY TO YOU,help some today,BECAUSE IT TAKE's A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD, and we still have alot to learn.LOVE EACHOTHER ,Glitter kissesxxo

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