Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The other day I was telling you about my Grand daughter,who's birthday is coming up...She will be 2yrs old.PARENTS BE AWARE there is a virus going about!!!! Emma was fine one minute, then struck with high fever,almost hit 104.Thank GOD,her big sissy was there...Superhero HANNAH GRACE 5yrs old,she went out to the kitchen,and told Mommy and Daddy,sissy is acting weird.She had 4 seizures,she took ride in took ambulance. EMMA seems fine now.And HANNAH GRACE is our SUPER HERO .We will watch them close all very close (as you watch yours),and I brought back terrible memories for my children(THAT WILL BE ANOTHER BLOG, I'M A CAT, ON IT's NINTH LIFE) I will pray for you,as you pray for me...All my LOVEx

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