Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Motionless in White~Going to the concert on Saturday night, and Angelo's tattoo convention on Sunday

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tonight at 10pm on channel 6 [F[]REVER] Again!


I believe it was Einstein that said " doing the same thing over, and over again. And expecting different results= insanity". I thank G[]D for the L[]VE I have in My life, meaning My Family....... It seems just about every day of the week,I have a Doctor's appt., or physical therapy.And I feel no better, the gears are turning. But I feel like the tin man, turning to rust. [sick of being sick,and tired] I'll be off to see the neurologist.~ Because I need a new brain~

Monday, September 22, 2014

Tonight at 10pm on channel 6 [F[]REVER]

Keep dreaming, even Kenny Chesney is A Dreamer! Even I stopped dreaming for awhile, and now I dream in color. The song wild child, inspired Me= The Me I use to know, while healing I began to give up........So again I say, to all the Dreamers= DREAM! []UT L[]UD!

~Heart of glass [Blondie]

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Waiting for more photo's [hint to my Sister]

The Greatest L[]VE of all [WhitneyHouston}

If I haven't told You, I finished my Grand babies book in time.~Pure Love, a hand made gift from my heart. And We made sand art in the back yard.....Better known as a gift from MeMom~I always tell My Grand babies, when they miss Me to place their hand on their heart= for I am always there.In every beat of their heart. []r to look to the sky, for I love them bigger than the sky........X[]x

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

progress not perfection

~Drepressed~Lord guide My hands

[I'm not a super hero]  I thought I was, I thought after my surgery. I'd be flying around, but I'm not. I still have pain, and numbness in my arms.[ I am depressed] Not for any other reason than my health...Unsteady hands, do not make a good hairdresser,or painter. And I can't pick up my Grand babies, I pray this passes~ it's taken an emotional toll on Me. I am making my Grand Daughter a book for birthday, it takes Me so long to do the simpleness things. Lord guide my hands ......

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tao Te Ching [ You are Rich]

  • "If You understand others You are smart.                                                                                        If you understand  Yourself, You are illuminated.                                                                           If You overcome others You are powerful.                                                                                      If You overcome Yourself , You have the strength.                                                                         If You know how to be satisfied, You are rich......