Friday, May 11, 2012

Fires of Hell by Alezia Copertino I was down in the fire of hell nearly surrendered My soul just as well smelt the flesh of all the lost souls so many shades of black and grey coals burning red and then turning gold nearly submitted for sins I've committed the amber's so damned bright had to close my eyes tight heard a voice say you're not here alone about to give in, I looked up in the distance your eyes recognized mine a connection no words could describe and they whispered I know the way home so I lifted my head with pride and my wings spread and my soul rised above cause for once I recognized love I was broken and weak battered and beat yes it's true that my will was restrained but you knew of my pain and you knew I was half, not whole still you looked and you saved my soul I was covered in blood and flames and my wings are tattered and frayed but you looked and your eyes recognized mine I'm entwined by your love and endure so I take a deep breath and I soar rise above all this pain and despair can't describe my relief when I saw that Your wings were burnt too tattered and frayed just not new could it be you were in hell just like me? only you couldn't leave without me we're attached by our souls I'm the half to your whole cause for once I recognized love and your eyes whispered I know the way home we embraced and gently I kissed your face and we were set free of this hell you and me, two halves make a whole and now I know my way home.

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