Thursday, May 3, 2012

Good Morning WORLD, my Earth day painting is on it's way to the web,in a few more day's .We are putting down the tracks to the music...Our own painting,with our own music...WHAT A GREAT FREEDOM..In fact that is what it is, the freedom to express. I KNOW THERE IS ALOT OF TALENT,in this WORLD..COME ON DRAGONFLIES,fly spread your wing seize this day to begin your JOURNEY,of ART,and self discovery...Today set out in the world,and leave it better than you found it,picking up one piece of trash it can make a difference,be kind to,man kind,and pull you weight in your village.YOUNG help the elder's. AND elder's share your wisdom, and wealth with the young..WE can change the wold one kind gesture at a time,all my Love,NOW GO MAKE MOTHER PROUD, glitter kisses Xxo

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