Saturday, February 9, 2013

MOMMY IN THE HOUSE! Maybe I'm crazy, in a [MOTHERLY WAY]

As we all know I'm WORKING ON ME! Everybody has a different up bringing....Mine was to be the STRONG ONE,that's one thing that has stuck with me (in theraphy,I was told told "They only saw you strong,and fighting" that seem's to be the impression,every around me has collected....But I saw to much,and this too shall pass....I'm like reckage on the highway,after a car accident....My body is in so much pain,I lent myself an excuse.....NOT ANY MORE= MEET ME,I'm alittle bit crazy,but in a good way....AND NOW,I have DAM ARMY of GOOD PEOPLE,just like me for SUPPORT!....Today I celebrate LIFE,I am findind my way back to my self......I fell away from builting my village, well I'm standing now,[one stone at a time]=[23] and glad to be =GOOD CRAZY! CHURCH LADY (STAND's WITH FIST) YOU DON'T MESS with a MOTHER! hehe

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