Tuesday, February 12, 2013

CHANGE ,is painful,GROWTH!

CHANGE,even when it is change for the best,change to improve outself....We must examine,our pain,our heartache,and the heartache we have cause other's. And not until,we set this change in motion,were we even aware,of how many changes, would follow.....It is like the shell of an artichoke, hard, tough flower like leaf,to protect the HEART......Learning to LOVE,ourselves is hardly ever taught....As I learn to love myself,I am becoming more aware ( Just how blessed I am)= They say you get,what you give......I'm ready ,I want my LIFE back,and CHANGE is eye opening (I hope you are making changes too! My Love, You are here,and so am I= YOU ARE NOT ALONE/ Let's all change for the better.....Tell someone you Love,just how much=THEY MEAN TO YOU,let's make good changes,good choice's,and strong foundation's....Change is for the best! Change is painful GROWTH!

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