Tuesday, February 12, 2013

CRYSTALS COVE's COMMENT (SHE SAY's)Get over yourself. It is not all about you. Stop rolling around whinning about your pretend injuries from a minor accident and using your pretend injuries to try and make people feel sorry for you. Everyone has had some truma in their lives. Most of us get over it and move on with our lives and keep being productive people. Others, like you, think that their trauma was worse that anyone else's, simply because it happened to them. Then they use the "trauma" to make excuses for why they can't be productive and for why they depend on me to support them. on IMAGINE*LETTING GO*AND TRUSTING GOD
= MY REPLY/Dearest Crystal, Thank You,for your input,and yes your right I'm whinning,because I am trying a new concept,to allow myself to cry,deal with thing's then be rid of it...Instead of bottling up ,my feeling's and have them result into fury! In that being said,I will pray for you, my only intention was to inspire..... God Bless on IMAGINE*LETTING GO*AND TRUSTING GOD