Friday, February 8, 2013

I feel sick,in my soul.....

In ,or around the State of Phila, of which I live. A young child was abducted,harmed=and by the Grace of GOD....Brought home(found by the Police) to her family...I THANK GOD OUT LOUD! My Prayer's, GO OUT TO THIS CHILD,and her Family...I once was that child, Maybe you were too....It's nothing I should feel shame for,or any one else(who has suffered at hand's of another........All I'm asking,is you (know when you see something,and IT's so WRONG)... People don't want to get involved.......We have a Mother,a Sister,a Daughter,step up,Start protecting our children.....We have strength in number's if we all just stick together,We can make a difference.......... MY HEART JUST HURT's,BUT I REFUSE TO ACT LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED,because when we do that= that is as bad as saying,nothing did!

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