Thursday, February 14, 2013


Seem's I have a HECKLER, aka cyber BULLY!  Sadden's my heart,when a mean spirited person "feels the need=  To enter,INFLICT,their unwanted,unwelcome POISONED OPINION",on to other's.                   This same subject,came up today among my peer's....                                        And we openly discussed,this FACT of INFLICTION....                      Well,I have had share of ABUSIVE PEOPLE, It seem to be a reflection,of their own insecurities.              SO BULLY, I SORRY NO ONE LOVED YOU,AS A CHILD...                               There is HOPE,maybe YOU can grow up to be a kinder adult,if you try, After all  LOVE is the answer.I WISH YOU=PEACE= I WISH LOVE Alway's BE Y[]UR SELF=[]UT LOUD,and PR[]UD!


  1. Take responsibility for your own life rather than always believing you're a victim. Sorry you did not like my comment. Just being myself, outloud and proud. By the way, the apostrophe is a punctuation mark used to mark omissions and possessives of nouns and pronouns. Sending you glitter kisses!

  2. Thank You,for you negitive attention< Something inside you craves LOVE, I will pray for you my little GREMLIN <3 Sending YOU MUCH NEEDED LOVE! My cute little BULLY. X[]x