Sunday, August 25, 2013

~Reality check~[Pennies from Heaven]

~In my case it was my GrandMom, we called her Nanny, she is in Heaven. Every where I step, I've finding pennies. My Daughter sent me, this photo weeks ago. I use to have a store called " pennies from heaven"....And through time, as I've said ~ I want open a store again/ aka Jabip Village.... My Duaghter came to visit me the other day, and if you don't Know= my Landlord, and the township are inspecting my apartment....Tues, or Wednesday [ I wrote it down somewhere].....My point is I've been saving racks, folding chairs " with the mind set of build it , and they will come". Well my Daughter said the most honest thing to me " Mom it look's like your a hoarder", so need less to say/thank God it's my trash night~[ I realy must let these things G[]! ] They are only taking up space, sometimes the truth hurts....But my opening a store, in my present condition~ is un-realistic...... So out the door it goes, not to mention, I have a fever, and have lost the rest of my mind.... I'm sure to make some scrapper, quite happy.... Letting it go, reality check.....[God will help me, when the time is right]

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