Monday, August 26, 2013

~A thousand miles~ [Vanessa Carlton]

Normally this kinda of task, would not be so much of a strain= theses days if I brush my hair, it's a task. Learning to eccept these thing's I cannot change......Well I've turned the curve, on the room.~ Making Progress,one corner at a time.~
~[]ne thing I've reccognize is my children, have been so eccepting. And I have been the one in the dark, like other people that knew me before= keep expecting the person I was, to appear..... I now know better, what You see is what You get.~Take it, or leave it....I can't get out of my own way= I aid to my family "it's like waking up from a coma, or a bad dream....Only it's permanent,and that's []K, i have well ronded people in my CIRCLE, and they L[]VE ME [NO MATTER WHAT] see ya soon, My Village [X[]x]

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