Sunday, August 25, 2013

~ my Ugly shoe syndrome~

You would be proud, I sorted through the clothes, and things I have been saving for the store [and rid of them]~You know that little lie we tell ourselves "I'll have a yard sale" []k= my neighbors, asked are you moving, did someone die. I felt like saying me, well It feels like it when I look at all my pretty high heels, and they have'nt left the house is more than a year now."I'M JUST SAYING" makes me kinda of moody... [But you know I did'nt get rid of them, heck they look pretty just sitting there]~FOR NOW, I've been waering , what call my ugly shoes.... So anyway I had talked to my Doctor, and procedure is canceled.=I'm running a low grade fever, but wait I coughed while we're talking ~He say's " You need to reschedule. I say "it's just alleregies. He says "coughing,or sneezing are FROWNED UPOND, during an epidirail,on your spine....[]k, so realy, he had to make me think that can happen....So lately it's been BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION= that I walk around,and talk out loud to myelf....My Daughter says this to me, I'm so use to being around the babies, I do I talk out loud. And at the grocery store, I talk to everyone...I just do~And if you ate dinner with me,I would probly attempt to cut up, your food. So I've been taking this anti-depressant, that seems to make me chatty, and I've been having nightmares. Vivid ones, well enough about me. I must get back, to sorting= I'm celerating TRASH NIGHT! Thank for being there,you know if you ever need to talk= write me @t /we'll talk soon.....Love Mother

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