Saturday, August 17, 2013

~We can all use alittle change~

~Sometimes while making things better, You make a mess....When something is weighting heavy on my children's minds= I would tell them [go clean out your top drawer]. So I am taking my own advise, and am tearing my closets apart."[]h,and if your wondering [ why the top drawer,because that is where your put everything/you mean to get back to] So since I'm loosing my mind, I thought I would find [my stuff] And= do have alot of stuff, hehe..X[]xWEIRD outfit's= I use to be a hairdresser...And part of the struggle with coming to terms with my changes, since my accident = is letting go,I'm still weird, and still awesome. But my life is taking on a new direction, and I must be apart of the change......We can all use alittle change.

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