Wednesday, October 23, 2013

~Between a rock, and a hard place~

After this procedure, I have'nt bounced back well.....I make little of it with my Family,and Loved ones....Same with the car accident, I made little of it. And it's become an endless nightmare. We are submitting my paper work, to the surgeon. As we will await approval, for mri with contrast....It will give them a better out look on how we will handle the situation~ sorry I am such a bummer, I've been greiving....The unknown is the hardest part, along with not feeling well.."I give it to God", because it realy has me down, and I made the mistake of [looking up on line, what a bubble at the base of your skull can be.[after a epidural] And how they repair it.... Big mistake! and they state they are looking for a mass, or infection~and I have been running a fever for over two weeks.GROWL :( Must go,I shall pray for You,a You pray for me= My Love to You All!~ "I hope I get another chance". X[]x

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