Thursday, October 17, 2013

"I am blessed"

I need to make this a fast post, I having difficulties with my computer.....My health has taken a turn, I had the epidural,I had bad reaction. The pain ,and the swell sent me to the ER twice....So now I'm waiting for approval from the insurance company...On the x-ray [there is a an air bubble at the base of my skull....My family,has not let me be alone,I just want to go home and paint [because I am sad],and it is painful....So they want to do an MRI with contrat,and with out = to rule out[infection, or a mass]/I'VE HAD ENOUGH~ I tired of being stuck with needles....Next TOUR, they want me to do surgery~ Sorry I've been such a bummer....I will keep You posted[a best as I'm able], All I want to do is paint away this pain= I MISS YOU ALL...And I am humble, and THANK GOD OUT LOUD, for the beautiful Family "I am blessed" Thank You for being apart of my LIFE......
Sending much L[]VE to my VILLAGE....[X[]x]

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