Thursday, December 11, 2014

[I grieve] by Peter Gabriel

Happiness comes from within~ even at My age I am learning.When You have expectation of others chances are, You will be let down. We can fix ourselves,and be accountable for our actions....  No matter how much You L[]VE someone~their L[]VE for You may not measure up.[To how, You would liked to be Loved, and considered]~ The best thing You can do is turn into the things in Your life, that bring You joy. You are the designer of Your destiny, Your life is what You create. Find Your center, and work Your way out of Your hardship~ You exposed Your heart to~ .Allow Yourself to become one with earth We get one life, live it well. And may You find Love, a healthy Love where there is no question in Your heart. Where Your soul, and mind are in agreement~Where You feel welcome,where You belong   [You can't take someone else s word for how You feel, If they can't hear You ~then maybe they never will.... The message is You need to hear Yourself "Saying I grieve " And I am the designer of My destiny, and My life is what I create". I deserve to be Loved.......

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