Saturday, December 13, 2014

As always, God gives Me what I need.....Follow these ingredients to HAPPY!

As You know I've been going []n~ about how I will hand make all My Christmas presents. " Well yesterday I had My Grandson for much of the day, what a delight. The day, and night before that was spent at My Sister's~ as You know Scooter is terminally ill, with Cancer. [We are blessed to still have him, I try to be there as often as I am able for moral support for My Sister] The four or five days before that were spent with My Grand daughters.~And there We worked on a school project for Christmas.......     And tonight I was helping My Daughter build a DNA model, for her school project.... While making breaded chicken cutlets, and spaghetti with alfredo sauce. I still haven't made the wind chimes, mobiles or painted glasses yet~ but I will. Instead I was doing what I love to do [ feeling full with Love,and sharing my abilities . And being there for My Loved ones] My heart feels content~ As always God gives Me what I need, and I accept."See You soon. Until then follow these ingredients to HAPPY!     And always remember to Thank God []ut loud, Amen

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