Monday, December 1, 2014

~Trust Your moral compass~

[]ur moral compass is there, Your inner soul. Deep inside We all know right from wrong.. We have to learn to trust our instincts ~If. You can lay Your head  down each night, and feel good within Your being~You've done well My child.~    We may never know the reasons of the hardship We go through, only that We learn from them. And We become stronger, even after We are wounded [they say in G[]D's time, We will know] I know have My challenges,and L[]VE and PEACE= allow Me to take a breath. Sometimes life is like being caught up in the ocean, so when a wave brings You to surface breathe, and when waters take hold of you again kick to the surface [ Your Journey is not over we sometimes get in over our heads= keep treading, never surrender~ Call on G[]D, and trust Your moral compass..... See You in My dreams....

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