Sunday, March 10, 2013

Helen Marie~ Every day, the people around you are faced with obstacles that sometimes can't be over come alone. For others, it's even harder to over come struggles, because they don't have anyone to accompany them on their journey to a pure, un damaged (emotionally) heart. As a fourteen year old teenage girl, I know what it's like to lose friends, gain friends, and have conflict with friends. In the moment of conflict, the outcomes of your actions and words may not cross your mind. The human mind doesn't comprehend how damaging words can be to another individuals self esteem and out looks on life and themselves. Bullying has spread like a wild fire through out our once pure society. Now a days, you can't walk out of the house without someone laying their eyes on you and judging something about you. The slightest imperfection to you can be the biggest deal to someone else. Judging someone is wrong, so wrong. Whether it's your height, your weight, your looks, your personality, your sexual orrientation, how much money you have, how your house looks, anything, if it isn't looked upon as perfect in today's society, you will be bullied or judged about it. I have met very few open minded people in my short life time, and as time progresses, I seem to find less and less of them. so what if someone is bisexual, or gay? so what if they don't have the biggest house, or the most money. So what if you don't like their hair, or their style, it isn't you. You are not them, you are YOU. I can't quite understand why so many people are so worried about what's on the outside of the person. A human being is a very complex creation. One will not ever completely understand what goes on in another one's mind, or why. Regardless if you're a therapist, or if you've studied the human mind all your life. They may help, but they will never be able to step in your shoes and walk through what you've been through. That is why I believe friendship is so important. When you have another person to walk through your life struggles with you, everything becomes so much easier. You won't feel alone. You won't feel like it's the world against you. A lot of kids go through school and life being lonely, and without friends and the love and compassion from another speciman. "Get a cat." is a lot of people's responses when another person tells them that they're lonely. The company of an animal may be heart warming, but they can't talk you through sitations and struggles through life. If you are lucky enough to find someone that you are willing to open up to, and you know you can trust with every fiber in your being, I advise you not to take them for granite. People with love and support don't know what it's like to be alone, and they take it all for granite. Life is very confusing, and so are the actions of another individuals. Your best friend of today can roll out of bed tomorrow and decide not to speak to you again. Sometimes, the only person you can rely on is yourself, but it's always nice to have someone to talk to when you're feeling down. I'm facing a conflict myself right now with my sexual orrientation. I like girls and boys, making me bisexual. I don't know how to come out to my family, and even some of my friends. I'm scared of their reactions, and I'm scared of their opinions. I'm scared of being judged, and it's terrible to have to face such an obsticale that I don't know if I'm going to come out. I don't want to lose anyone, which is why I only tell certain people. The point is this: never take what you have in life for granite. Always be a friend, and never judge someone you don't really know. The outside looks of a person isn't who they are. The pure ness of their heart and soul is who they are. Help someone out when you get the chance. Don't be quick to judge, because the person you may have pushed away could have been one of the most amazing people that would ever walk into your life. And when you feel like you have nobody left, turn to God. He will always be there with his arms and mind open, ready to face your fears with you. -Helen Marie.

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