Monday, March 25, 2013

It snowing in Jersey!

I've been rattled to the core of my soul,I am pulling from the strengh of my FAITH...It feel's like every thing is becoming clear, most of you know I'm PTSD =post tramatic stress disorder....Then a car accident on top/ It seem's that-life is a circle,AND YOU GET =WHAT YOU PUT IN/aka KARMA....Well you call me Church Lady/aka MOTHERSKY DRAGONFLY,any day I'm down with that REP.Yesterday[Rainbow/aka Raven=Jewels] we discused alot about the past=Like my therapist say" They only seen You fight" And I will continue to fight/ if that's what it take's....No doubt there have been time's when I have question= the route God has lead me on,I did'nt understand....I felt abandonded, when the very truth was God never left me " I know this now,because I endure, I survived, and I am HERE! I did'nt so much understand,the car accident [the pain= I feel's like I walked through a paine of glass] and pain is my trigger.....But I understand now,because it put in the room's= so I deeper understanding of what the children around me ,seem to feel....I will do my best,to find my strengh,to stand strong for YOU,with YOU, and beside YOU!=My Love,You are here,I am HERE,and YOU ARE NOT ALONE [ANYMORE]

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